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Distributed Audio

Bluesound Backbones Stereo Unlimited’s Hybrid Business Model

By Advertorial · October 25, 2017 • San Diego-based Stereo Unlimited is introducing everyone from old-school audiophiles, to young consumers to the benefits of high-resolution audio through the competitively priced Bluesound product line, which complements the company's benchmark Vandersteen/VTL demo system.

Sonos Available Through Crestron, the Only Home Automation Co. with Embedded Sonos App

By Julie Jacobson · July 5, 2017 • Home automation leader Crestron to offer Sonos products through buying portal; strengthens relationship with national dealer events and app-within-app. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Apple HomePod Speaker Debuts, But Is It Too Late?

By Jason Knott · June 5, 2017 • Targeting Sonos and Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod aims to reinvent home music with $349 quality voice-controlled home audio speaker that also controls all HomeKit-connected devices.

Lode Audio Launches into U.S. Multiroom Audio Market

By Jason Knott · May 31, 2017 • UK-based Lode Audio debuts integrator-targeted single- and four-zone multiroom audio systems in U.S. market. Signs several deals with rep firms.

Unparalleled Hi-Res Performance, Tailored for Custom Install

By Advertorial · April 26, 2017 • Meridian brings easy to integrate high-resolution audio solutions to give customers the best possible listening experience.

Raising the Bar in AV for Hospitality Applications

By Advertorial · March 22, 2017 • WyreStorm AV distribution and control options for bars and restaurants over IP, HDBaseT and HDMI enhances operator and customer experience.

Parasound Debuts Single-Chassis 4-Zone DAC, Crossover

By CE Pro Editors · December 29, 2016 • Parasound's $995 ZoneMaster 4 DAX is a four-zone DAC in a single chassis with integrated crossovers, mono outputs, subwoofer connectivity and 12VDC trigger outputs.

SpeakerCraft MRA-664 Controller Supports up to 12 Rooms of Music

By Robert Archer · December 2, 2014 • The California-based audio manufacturer SpeakerCraft is now shipping its MRA-664 whole-house audio controller.

Pure’s Jongo Provides Wireless Whole-House Audio Options

By Robert Archer · April 8, 2013 • There are lots of nice wireless audio solutions currently on the market. The latest solution to enter the market is Pure's unique-looking Jongo multiroom audio system.

AudioAccess is Back with a new 16-Zone Audio Router

By Robert Archer · April 5, 2013 • The long-time whole-house audio company is now a division of Amplifier Technologies, Inc. (ATI), and its new PX-800 is said to distribute as many as 16 sources to 16 different zones.

Stealth Speakers Really Rock

By Robert Archer · March 29, 2013 • Stealth Acoustics' new Stingray feature a sealed cabinet that eliminates the possibility of speaker grilles rusting and weather-damaged crossover networks.

Wasp Audio Mounting Bracket Works with Nearly Any Speaker

By Robert Archer · January 21, 2013 • The LINK-Mount wireless amplified wall bracket from Wasp Audio can be used for nearly any speaker on the market to provide homeowners with a stylish solution that can be retrofitted into most homes.

HAI by Leviton Audio System Less Expensive & More Compact

By Robert Archer · December 19, 2012 • The newly announced Hi-Fi 2 Audio System from HAI can be installed into apartment buildings, offices, single-family homes and other dwellings to provide property owners with an easy to use, compact and affordable multiroom audio system.

Speco Offers Audio Design Support

By CE Pro Editors · November 12, 2012 • Speco's new audio system support initiative helps dealers to spec the right components and wiring into a job to ensure its reliability and overall performance.

LightSpeaker Saves Energy & Sounds Good

By Robert Archer · November 5, 2012 • The LightSpeaker LS5 from IAV combines a LED light and a wireless audio amplifier to provide homeowners with a cost-efficient, multipurpose lighting and sound solution.

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