HD Guru: Bad Grades for DirecTV 3D

By Julie Jacobson · July 6, 2010 • HD Guru Gary Merson scores 3D content on DirecTV and the results are generally grim: "Take it off the air"

DirecTV Flips Switch on 3D Channels

By Arlen Schweiger · July 1, 2010 • Now offering 3D content on DirecTV Cinema channel, DirecTV On Demand channel and “n3D powered by Panasonic” channel.

How to Get a Free 3D Upgrade from DirecTV

By Julie Jacobson · June 9, 2010 • You'll pay up to $300 to access DirecTV's new 3D channels ... unless you know the secret handshake.

3D Upgrade Paralyzes DirecTV Boxes

By Julie Jacobson · June 8, 2010 • DirecTV customers woke up to gray screens on Tuesday after an automatic update crippled HD DVRs. How did installers fare? Was it an opportunity or a giant pain?

DirecTV Whole-Home DVR Goes Live

By Stephen Hopkins · May 19, 2010 • The whole-home DVR is live nationwide for just $3/month.

DirecTV Names Michael White President, CEO

By CE Pro Editors · November 19, 2009 • White will leave current position as CEO of PepsiCo International.

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