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How to Wire a Venue for 3D TV

By Digital Projection International · March 5, 2010 • DPI suggests pulling two HDMI 1.3 cables, two to three single-link DVI or one to two dual-link DVI.

DPI Gets Into NFL Hall of Fame

By Tom LeBlanc · February 16, 2010 • A 20,000-lumen LIGHTNING 40-1080p projector and TITAN 1080p projector are part of a NFL Films theater display.

‘A Christmas Carol’ Review: Most Cinemas Can’t Do 3D Justice

By Digital Projection International · December 29, 2009 • An excellent 3D production is hampered by inadequate theaters. Why geometry and projector brightness handicap 3D in commercial theaters.

4 Technologies Worse Than Their Predecessors

By Jason Knott · November 6, 2009 • Innovation isn't always a good thing. Here are four technologies that are worse than what they replaced.

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