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Digital Projection

Inside NFL Star Mario Williams’ iPad-Controlled Home Theater

By Lisa Montgomery · April 26, 2012 • NFL star Mario Williams, the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, shows off his iPad-controlled home theater that features a DPI Titan Projector and 138-inch Stewart Filmscreen.

Who’s Who of Home Theater Presents ‘Art of the Demo’ at CES

By Julie Jacobson · December 15, 2011 • DPI, Kaleidescape, D-Box, other top custom brands to remind dealers how to showcase and sell high-performance A/V at the Home Cinema Experience during CES 2012.

Digital Projection dVision Scope 1080p projector

By Robert Archer · August 22, 2011 • The Emmy Award winning manufacturer of video hardware has just introduced a new native 2.35:1 projector that offers a resolution of 2560x1080.

Hands On: DPI M-Vision Cine 230 Projector

By Arlen Schweiger · July 29, 2011 • The Digital Projection Inc. M-Vision Cine 230 Projector offers a multitude of advanced calibration settings and a red-backlit remote control.

DP Brings 3D to Pacific Design Center Event

By Robert Archer · March 21, 2011 • The annual Pacific Design Center WESTWEEK show this week for design professionals will also feature a 3D home theater room powered by Digital Projection's Titan Reference 1080p-3D projector.

The Dangers of Stacking Projectors for Passive 3D

By George Walter · February 15, 2011 • Installers will be required to create perfect alignment, account for lens shift and possibly deal with HDMI headaches in passive applications.

Inside a 3D Home Theater with 180” Screen

By Lisa Montgomery · February 14, 2011 • This 3D home theater has 15 pairs of 3D glasses so everyone can enjoy the show.

Q&A: Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection

By CE Pro Editors · January 19, 2011 • Levi discusses active 3D technologies, the introduction of the M-Vision Cine 230, and potentially profitable trends for installers in the video market.

Review: DPI M-Vision Cine LED Projector

By Robert Archer · October 29, 2010 • The Cine LED is best for small- and medium-sized rooms with some light control.

Digital Projection (DP) CINE-Skin hush box

By Robert Archer · September 15, 2010 • Atlanta-based Digital Projection is one of the most popular video manufacturers in the projection category and its CINE-skin product provides installers with a DP manufactured means of cooling and quieting its Titan and Titan Reference series products.

Digital Projection Lowers 3D Projector Pricing

By Robert Archer · September 13, 2010 • M-Vision Cine 400 3D Projector will slice entry point of 3D projection by about 75 percent.

3D Paying off for Logic Integration

By Robert Archer · May 24, 2010 • Colorado-based company says education and system demos are keys to succeeding with 3D sales.

Understanding Mainstream 3D Formats

By Digital Projection International · May 17, 2010 • There are four mainstream 3D formats outlined in the HDMI 1.4 spec. Here's a breakdown of each type.

How to Calibrate a Display for 3D Viewing

By Digital Projection International · April 21, 2010 • Installers need to compensate for light loss and color shift introduced by 3D viewing

Explaining 3D Formats

By George Walter · March 18, 2010 • DPI's George Walter breaks 3D home video into three handy categories: Low Tech, Mid Tech and High Tech.

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