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3D: Tips to Reignite Consumer Interest

By Robert Archer · May 18, 2012 • Digital Projection explains how to create an ideal 3D home video environment to reignite consumer interest in 3D and undo the damage Hollywood has done to the format.

Inside NFL Star Mario Williams’ iPad-Controlled Home Theater

By Lisa Montgomery · April 26, 2012 • NFL star Mario Williams, the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, shows off his iPad-controlled home theater that features a DPI Titan Projector and 138-inch Stewart Filmscreen.

Who’s Who of Home Theater Presents ‘Art of the Demo’ at CES

By Julie Jacobson · December 15, 2011 • DPI, Kaleidescape, D-Box, other top custom brands to remind dealers how to showcase and sell high-performance A/V at the Home Cinema Experience during CES 2012.

Digital Projection dVision Scope 1080p projector

By Robert Archer · August 22, 2011 • The Emmy Award winning manufacturer of video hardware has just introduced a new native 2.35:1 projector that offers a resolution of 2560x1080.

Hands On: DPI M-Vision Cine 230 Projector

By Arlen Schweiger · July 29, 2011 • The Digital Projection Inc. M-Vision Cine 230 Projector offers a multitude of advanced calibration settings and a red-backlit remote control.

DP Brings 3D to Pacific Design Center Event

By Robert Archer · March 21, 2011 • The annual Pacific Design Center WESTWEEK show this week for design professionals will also feature a 3D home theater room powered by Digital Projection's Titan Reference 1080p-3D projector.

The Dangers of Stacking Projectors for Passive 3D

By George Walter · February 15, 2011 • Installers will be required to create perfect alignment, account for lens shift and possibly deal with HDMI headaches in passive applications.

Inside a 3D Home Theater with 180” Screen

By Lisa Montgomery · February 14, 2011 • This 3D home theater has 15 pairs of 3D glasses so everyone can enjoy the show.

Q&A: Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection

By CE Pro Editors · January 19, 2011 • Levi discusses active 3D technologies, the introduction of the M-Vision Cine 230, and potentially profitable trends for installers in the video market.

Review: DPI M-Vision Cine LED Projector

By Robert Archer · October 29, 2010 • The Cine LED is best for small- and medium-sized rooms with some light control.

Digital Projection (DP) CINE-Skin hush box

By Robert Archer · September 15, 2010 • Atlanta-based Digital Projection is one of the most popular video manufacturers in the projection category and its CINE-skin product provides installers with a DP manufactured means of cooling and quieting its Titan and Titan Reference series products.

Digital Projection Lowers 3D Projector Pricing

By Robert Archer · September 13, 2010 • M-Vision Cine 400 3D Projector will slice entry point of 3D projection by about 75 percent.

3D Paying off for Logic Integration

By Robert Archer · May 24, 2010 • Colorado-based company says education and system demos are keys to succeeding with 3D sales.

Explaining 3D Formats

By George Walter · March 18, 2010 • DPI's George Walter breaks 3D home video into three handy categories: Low Tech, Mid Tech and High Tech.

DPI Gets Into NFL Hall of Fame

By Tom LeBlanc · February 16, 2010 • A 20,000-lumen LIGHTNING 40-1080p projector and TITAN 1080p projector are part of a NFL Films theater display.

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