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Digital Rights

Court Rules RealDVD Software Violates Copyright Laws

By Steve Crowe · August 12, 2009 • U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Patel issued a preliminary injunction that bars the manufacturing and selling of the RealDVD software that copies and stores DVDs on a hard drive. Patel is the judge who shut down Napster in 2000.

Grad Student Ordered to Pay $675K for Illegal Downloads

By Steve Crowe · August 3, 2009 • Joel Tenenbaum has to pay $22,500 for each of the 30 songs he downloaded and shared on Kazaa in 2004.

Minnesota Mom Ordered to Pay $1.92M for Illegal Downloads

By Julie Jacobson · June 19, 2009 • EFF claims the anti-piracy case, one of the last vestiges of RIAA's lawsuit frenzy, may be unconstitutional because.

Blu-ray Managed Copy Coming in 2010

By Tom LeBlanc · June 12, 2009 • New DRM specs will legally allow consumers to make one copy of each Blu-ray disc they own. Supporting Blu-ray players won't hit market until first or second quarter of 2010.

Perils of DRM: What Happens to Your Digital Content if the Provider Goes out of Business?

By Julie Jacobson · June 5, 2009 • HDGiants' bankruptcy raises questions about DRM-protected downloads; even Walmart customers feel the pain

Real Expands DVD Lawsuit, Sues Studios Over Antitrust

By Jason Unger · May 14, 2009 • RealNetworks, currently engaged in a legal battle over its DVD ripping/backup software RealDVD, is looking to expand its lawsuit to include antitrust violations against the Hollywood studios.

What is the RealDVD Copyright Dispute Really About?

By Arlen Schweiger · April 29, 2009 • RealNetwork's prototype Facet DVD player, which can store copied DVDs, appears to be a central issue in the company's copyright case.

RealDVD Goes to Court Over DVD Ripping Software

By Julie Jacobson · April 28, 2009 • Will the DVD CCA's injunction against RealDVD continue? At issue: If someone wants to make a copy of something they own, do they have to pay the studios again?

Muzak to Keep Piping Tunes During Chapter 11

By Julie Jacobson · February 11, 2009 • The grandaddy of elevator music, and early innovator of digital rights management, owes millions to studios

Why Digital Copies (Not Downloads) Really Matter

By Jason Unger · November 26, 2008 • When it comes to what's really important with media, it's not about the distribution method, it's about the control.

DVD Ripping: The Latest on the Legal Front

By Julie Jacobson · October 9, 2008 • Here's where we stand today on the legality of DVD ripping: We're not quite sure if it's legal. Here's a compilation of articles on the legality of DVD ripping and related fair-use cases.

MPAA Studios Files Suit against RealNetworks re: RealDVD

By CE Pro Editors · September 30, 2008 • In motion for a temporary restraining order, the studios said that RealNetworks’ RealDVD violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

CE Vendors, Content Providers to Enable ‘Virtual Library’ for Consumers

By Julie Jacobson · September 16, 2008 • Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which includes most of the biggest names in CE and entertainment (sans Apple and Disney), pursue buy once, play anywhere model.

Can You Be Sued for Helping Clients Rip DVDs?

By Julie Jacobson · September 11, 2008 • EFF attorney Fred von Lohmann explains some of the legal issues involved in selling and installing products that enable users to copy DVDs.

Is Your DVD Server Legal? Manufacturers Say Yes!

By Julie Jacobson · September 11, 2008 • Developers of movie-ripping products insist their products are legal. Here's how the manufacturers address the sticky issue of digital rights management (DRM).

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