Audio Video Experience Converts 19th Century Home into Showroom

By Robert Archer · March 7, 2013 • Audio Video Experience converted a 19th century home into an ever-changing showroom to interactively demo how homeowners can integrate electronics into their daily lives.

25 Music Demo Suggestions from Jack Joseph Puig

By Robert Archer · January 7, 2013 • Grammy-winning music producer Jack Joseph Puig uses a diverse playlist when assessing a new piece of audio equipment. We share that playlist.

7 Demos at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

By Robert Archer · October 24, 2012 • Bob Archer captures seven system demonstrations from the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Demo Content Recommendations from Meridian

By Robert Archer · October 23, 2012 • The British high-performance A/V company Meridian is always going through the latest movie and music releases to find compelling content. Here are the company’s latest discoveries.

Do You Attend or Partner with Luxury Consumer Events?

By Arlen Schweiger · September 28, 2012 • Meridian's presence at Jaguar events underscores the way integrators can get in front of well-heeled, ready-to-purchase customers of high-end goods.

Digital Projection Raises Bar on 3D, LED Projectors

By Arlen Schweiger · September 11, 2012 • At CEDIA Expo 2012, Digital Projection International showed high-lumens output of its HIGHlite 330-3D and dVision LED projectors.

Audio Advice Renovates Showroom Theater with Sony 4K Projector

By Arlen Schweiger · August 22, 2012 • The remodeled reference theater in Audio Advice's Raleigh, N.C., store will feature Sony's native 4K projector, Stewart Filmscreen and JBL Synthesis.

Savant Opens ‘Technology Showcase’ at MA Headquarters

By Arlen Schweiger · July 20, 2012 • Savant Systems is complementing its New York City Experience Center by adding a Technology Showcase to its Massachusetts offices for demonstrating its Apple-based systems.

The Real Magic of Savant’s Experience Center

By Julie Jacobson · June 12, 2012 • Who cares that TV personality Thom Filicia designed Savant Systems' fancy NYC showcase home? The cool thing is the art of the home automation demo.

6 Pop Songs Great for Audio Demos

By Robert Archer · May 25, 2012 • Most audiophiles dismiss the idea of demoing audio systems with pop music. Here are six pop recordings that aren't lifeless from over-compression and are ideal for audio system demos.

The Fundamentals of Digital Music

By Robert Archer · April 23, 2012 • Jack Shafton of GoldenEar Technology explains digital audio formats and how CE pros can educate clients who are becoming more interested in digital audio technologies.

Record Store Day: Are You Capitalizing on Vinyl?

By Arlen Schweiger · April 20, 2012 • Installers can capitalize on the momentum of vinyl and the annual event of Record Store Day by showing prospective and existing customers just how good vinyl sounds.

Creating a Digital Music Showroom

By Jason Knott · April 17, 2012 • Lenbrook's Digital Music Experience Center, a $28,000 pre-packaged 450-square-foot demo area, helps specialty retailer The Little Guys boost sales of digital music systems.

BCG Concepts: Not Your Average CE Pro

By Jason Knott · April 9, 2012 • BCG Concepts in L.A. is using the web, financed packages and even an MTV installation to exhort audio quality to younger clients.

Crestron Demos Microsoft Kinect Gesture Control

By Tom LeBlanc · February 3, 2012 • Watch a demonstration of Crestron integration with Microsoft Kinect, allowing for gesture control of presentations, shade control and more.

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