Dealer Tips

When a ‘Simple’ TV Mounting Job Goes #SoCustom

By Julie Jacobson · June 15, 2018 • This simple little corner-mounted TV job took some serious engineering, wall supports, custom metal and a bunch of patchwork by the pros at Cloud9 Smart.

How a ‘Custom’ Integrator Hangs a TV

By Julie Jacobson · March 23, 2018 • Client wanted to replace an old rear-projection TV with a 65-inch OLED. Here’s how a home-technology professional does it. Take THAT, hang-and-bangers!

Installer Tip: Why You Should Love Banana Plugs Done Right [video]

By Julie Jacobson · March 14, 2018 • A/V integrator Michael Restrepo swears by banana plugs for neater racks and more efficient installs, uninstalls and reinstalls, but warns the connections must be perfect.

Installer Tip: How to Square Up an A/V Rack to Perfection [video]

By Julie Jacobson · March 8, 2018 • Michael Restrepo's short video explaining how to square up the face of an equipment rack demonstrates the great pride he takes in his integration work.