How to Install TiVo DVRs

By CE Pro Editors · May 4, 2011 • A look at how to integrate TiVo DVRs into a modern entertainment system and create a one-stop entertainment solution.

Channel Vision H.264 Network Digital Video Recorders

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2011 • The newly introduced line includes three models that support as many as 16 cameras and remote monitoring capabilities.

Streaming Media Needs a Navigation Makeover

By Jason Knott · January 18, 2011 • Streaming media via the TV will continue to be a niche offering if systems aren't simplified to a more user-friendly format.

TiVo iPad App Makes for Compelling DVR Upsell

By Jason Knott · January 18, 2011 • Free app replaces the remote control for watching, recording, surfing, and connecting to social media.

50M DVRs to be Sold Annually by 2014

By CE Pro Editors · January 14, 2011 • InStat says global growth for digital video recorders is being driven by consumer demand to time-shift TV watching.

Best Buy Adds TiVo Interface to Insignia TVs

By Stephen Hopkins · May 26, 2010 • Big-box retailer's in-house TVs won't have built-in DVR.

DirecTV Whole-Home DVR Goes Live

By Stephen Hopkins · May 19, 2010 • The whole-home DVR is live nationwide for just $3/month.

$175 Series 3 Tivo: Deal or No Deal?

By Julie Jacobson · March 10, 2010 • Would you rather wait for TiVo Premiere or take advantage of the numerous sales on Series 3 DVRs?

TiVo Series4 ‘Premiere’ DVRs Add HD GUI, Unified Search

By Stephen Hopkins · March 3, 2010 • Premiere DVRs feature HD interface built on Flash, optional QWERTY remote, Pandora, FrameChannel ... but still no streaming over home network

What Will TiVo Announce Tonight?

By Stephen Hopkins · March 2, 2010 • "Premier" and "Premier XL" SKUs alone won't revolutionize the DVR market. We're hoping for an updated GUI, place-shifting, Flash-enabled browser....

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