SnapAV Wirepath Surveillance DVRs Stream Live Video to Control4

By CE Pro Editors · May 17, 2012 • New SnapAV Wirepath Surveillance DVRs negate the need for encoders or IP cameras to integrate with Control4.

Dish Network Auto Hop Skips Commercials on Hopper DVR

By Grant Clauser · May 11, 2012 • Dish Network's Auto Hop feature on its Hopper DVR allows users to automatically skip commercials during primetime programming on the four major networks.

2Gig Adds Local DVR to Self-Contained Security Panels

By Julie Jacobson · April 2, 2012 • 2Gig appears to be the first to offer local DVR on self-contained security panels -- up to 1TB via built-in SATA drive. Service complements cloud-based solution from

TiVo Lowers DVR Fees, Increases Storage

By Grant Clauser · March 26, 2012 • TiVo has lowered the costs of its DVRs and the monthly fees. The TiVo Premiere will now feature a 500GB hard drive, capable of recording 75 hours of HD content.

PlayLater Online DVR: Download Netflix, Hulu, Other Video to PC

By Julie Jacobson · March 19, 2012 • Developers of PlayOn streaming software introduce PlayLater, which lets users record streaming video to their PC hard drive, and enjoy the content offline.

TiVo’s New Extender: What’s Not to Love?

By Julie Jacobson · February 29, 2012 • New IP-enabled set-top box from TiVo will enable users to stream content from one TiVo DVR to multiple locations -- like TiVo Preview but you won't have to pay cable company for every connected TV.

Channel Vision Launches Free DDNS Service for Security Customers

By CE Pro Editors · January 30, 2012 • With Channel Vision's new DDNS Channel Vision Security Service, homeowners and installers no longer have to worry about lost IP addresses or changes interrupting their security camera and DVR services.

Dish Hopper Whole-Home DVR Records 6 Shows Simultaneously

By Lisa Montgomery · January 10, 2012 • The Dish Network Hopper whole-home DVR stores up to 2 TBs of HD programming, recording up to six HD channels at once that can be played back from any room.

TiVo Receives $215M from AT&T Patent Lawsuit

By Jason Knott · January 4, 2012 • TiVo enters into a mutual patent licensing agreement with AT&T that will net it $215 million in exchange for dropping pending litigation for patent infringement.

TiVo Brings Facebook to iPad, iPhone Apps

By Robert Archer · September 26, 2011 • TiVo is integrating Facebook's new "Like" and "Watch" functions into its iPad/iPhone user interface.

TiVo Premiere Elite Features 4 Tuners, 300 Hours HD Storage

By Maxine Giza · September 7, 2011 • TiVo Elite Premiere DVR features four tuners and can store 300 hours of HD programming. DVR is compatible with Creston, Control4, and RTI.

D&M Pulls Plug on ReplayTV

By Rachel Cericola · June 21, 2011 • D&M is shutting down ReplayTV on July 31, 2011.

DVRs, Set-top Boxes Ultimate Energy Vampires

By Rachel Cericola · June 16, 2011 • NRDC study says consumers spend $1 billion a year to use set-top boxes.

TiVo Offers Free Premiere DVRs for Father’s Day

By Rachel Cericola · June 7, 2011 • TiVo hoping to snag 2-year commitments with a new promotion.

Hulu Plus Lands On TiVo Premiere

By Maxine Giza · May 23, 2011 • Hulu Plus is now available on TiVo Premiere.

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