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DVD Ripping

Modulus 4K Media Server Does Everything: Rips DVDs, Records Hulu, Replaces DVR

By Julie Jacobson · November 2, 2017 • Modulus lets you rip DVDs and Blu-rays, record content from Hulu and Netflix, share shows to Plex-enabled devices, replace your cable DVR, skip commercials and control it all by voice, app or qwerty remote.

Take That, DVD CCA: 12 Ways to Rip DVDs

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2012 • The courts and DVD CCA prefer users rip DVDs using software from overseas, rather than legitimate movie servers like Kaleidescape. So then, here are your options.

Walmart, Vudu Ripping DVDs to the Cloud

By Grant Clauser · March 14, 2012 • Walmart is prepping a cloud-based movie service where users can bring their DVDs into stores in order to access the same material online.

ReQuest CEO on $1,200 MediaPlayer, Legality of DVD Servers

By Julie Jacobson · May 25, 2010 • Peter Cholnoky discusses new client device for high-performance servers, hints at $2,500 server solution. Concerned about legalities? "Nope. Should I be?"

vNet Drops Media Server: The End of an Era?

By Julie Jacobson · April 30, 2010 • Vibe Movie Server follows Sunfire, Escient and Xperinet into the server cemetery. Will Hollywood and streaming media put an end to movie servers?

MPAA Kills RealDVD for Good: The End of DVD Copying?

By Julie Jacobson · March 4, 2010 • Instead of appealing a decision that deemed its DVD-copying software illegal, Real Networks caved to the studios and will pay $4.5 million; implications for Kaleidescape?

RealNetworks to Appeal Ruling on RealDVD Injunction

By Julie Jacobson · October 11, 2009 • RealNetworks will seek permission to sell its $30 DVD-ripping software, while bigger cases head to court.