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Kaleidescape, DVD CCA Back in Court Over Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · November 30, 2011 • Latest trial could determine if Kaleidescape movie servers breach contract with DVD CCA, licensor of CSS decryption software for DRM; could be landmark case for DVD copying.

Kaleidescape Refuses to ‘Cave to DVD CCA’ on Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2011 • With M700, Kaleidescape continues to store, stream DVDs as usual, despite legal threats from DVD CCA; Blu-ray streaming abides by AACS licensing agreements.

Kaleidescape Ships DRM-Friendly ‘Vault’ for Movie Streaming

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2011 • New M700 carousel ($5,995) with integrated movie player accommodates 320 Blu-ray and DVD discs, reduces overall system cost for whole-house media server.

Fusion CEO: Media Servers Still Going Strong

By Julie Jacobson · March 29, 2011 • Fusion Research attributes longevity of media server business to pricing, generic storage, streaming content, self-hosted database, no contracts with DVD CCA.

Kaleidescape 300-Disc Vault ‘No More than $6,000’

By Julie Jacobson · July 29, 2010 • Kaleidescape to offer two Blu-ray Vaults -- a 100-disc add-on and a 300-disc integrated solution -- which may ultimately solve issues with DRM and the DVD CCA.

AMX Caves to DVD CCA, Drops MAX Server

By Julie Jacobson · July 6, 2010 • AMX denies that its MAX media server violates a CSS license agreement with the DVD CCA, but drops the product anyway.

ReQuest CEO on $1,200 MediaPlayer, Legality of DVD Servers

By Julie Jacobson · May 25, 2010 • Peter Cholnoky discusses new client device for high-performance servers, hints at $2,500 server solution. Concerned about legalities? "Nope. Should I be?"

Musings on Kaleidescape, CEA, Media Servers

By Julie Jacobson · May 12, 2010 • Although its Blu-ray solution is not ideal, at least Kaleidescape has a roadmap. Where is CEA in all of this?

Kaleidescape Brings DRM to Blu-ray Copying

By Julie Jacobson · May 11, 2010 • New M-Class players let users copy Blu-ray discs onto Kaleidescape media server, but the disc must be in the tray in order to play it.

vNet Drops Media Server: The End of an Era?

By Julie Jacobson · April 30, 2010 • Vibe Movie Server follows Sunfire, Escient and Xperinet into the server cemetery. Will Hollywood and streaming media put an end to movie servers?

Kaleidescape CEO Responds to RealDVD Ruling

By Julie Jacobson · March 4, 2010 • CEO Michael Malcolm tells CE Pro: 'We don't believe that this settlement has any implications for Kaleidescape's case with the DVD CCA'

MPAA Kills RealDVD for Good: The End of DVD Copying?

By Julie Jacobson · March 4, 2010 • Instead of appealing a decision that deemed its DVD-copying software illegal, Real Networks caved to the studios and will pay $4.5 million; implications for Kaleidescape?

Court to RealNetworks: MPAA is not a ‘Price-Fixing Cartel’

By Julie Jacobson · January 12, 2010 • RealNetworks claimed Hollywood studios and DVD CCA violated antitrust laws for preventing the sale of products like RealDVD that enable fair-use copying of DVDs

Escient Says Vision DVD Server Complies with DVD CCA and DMCA

By Julie Jacobson · December 19, 2007 • Ripped DVDs maintain copy protection; cannot leave the Escient network

Julie Jacobson: DVD CCA Is an Innovation-Stifling Cartel

By Julie Jacobson · January 1, 2005 • The DVD Copyright Control Association (DVD CCA) is a bunch of bullies. Not just because this legalized cartel sued Kaleidescape, but because the organization manages to coerce all manufacturers of DVD players to sign away their rights. . .

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