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Modulus 4K Media Server Does Everything: Rips DVDs, Records Hulu, Replaces DVR

By Julie Jacobson · November 2, 2017 • Modulus lets you rip DVDs and Blu-rays, record content from Hulu and Netflix, share shows to Plex-enabled devices, replace your cable DVR, skip commercials and control it all by voice, app or qwerty remote.

Warner Bros. Brings Highest-Quality Video Downloads to Kaleidescape Servers

By Julie Jacobson · December 11, 2012 • Kaleidescape's new online media store, launching today with Warner Bros., offers highest-quality (legitimate) downloads available anywhere, plus UltraViolet streaming.

Kaleidescape Gets Another Reprieve: DVD Servers Survive Another Year

By Julie Jacobson · August 1, 2012 • In affirming the stay of an injunction against Kaleidescape DVD movie servers, court lets the manufacturer continue to make products until case with DVD CCA is settled.

Kaleidescape Granted Temporary Stay on DVD Servers

By Steve Crowe · March 30, 2012 • Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm tells CE Pro the Court of Appeal has granted it a temporary stay, meaning the injunction won't take effect April 8, 2012.

Kaleidescape Stay Denied, Manufacturer Vows to Fight

By Julie Jacobson · March 26, 2012 • Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm will petition to overturn injunction on movie servers in DVD CCA case, continue to ‘develop exciting new products and services’

Survey: Dealers React to DVD CCA vs. Kaleidescape

By Julie Jacobson · March 20, 2012 • CE Pro survey indicates 57% of integrators are “not really” concerned about their own legal liability and 42% say they’ll continue to sell Kaleidescape movie servers while injunction is appealed.

Kaleidescape Tells Dealers Injunction ‘May Never Go Into Effect’

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2012 • In letter to Kaleidescape dealers, CEO Michael Malcolm says injunction on DVD movie servers is greatly 'sensationalized' by the press; in any case, dealers would not be subject to the order brought by the DVD CCA.

Take That, DVD CCA: 12 Ways to Rip DVDs

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2012 • The courts and DVD CCA prefer users rip DVDs using software from overseas, rather than legitimate movie servers like Kaleidescape. So then, here are your options.

Survey: Kaleidescape Dealers ‘Not Really’ Worried About Legal Liability

By Julie Jacobson · March 13, 2012 • Early results on Kaleidescape injunction in the DVD CCA case suggest dealers aren't concerned about their own legal liability; 41% say it's time to stop selling movie servers anyway because the future is streaming.

Kaleidescape CEO ‘Shocked’ at Extreme Injunction Against DVD Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · March 12, 2012 • DVD CCA surprises Kaleidescape with severe injunction order, CEO Michael Malcolm tells CE Pro. He believes stay will be granted until appeal is exhausted.

Kaleidescape, ‘Agents’ Enjoined from Selling, Supporting Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · March 12, 2012 • In DVD CCA vs. Kaleidescape, judge issues injunction that prohibits the sale and support of existing DVD movie servers. Kaleidescape has appealed.

Movie Servers at ISE 2012: Europeans Unfazed by Kaleidescape Ruling

By Julie Jacobson · February 6, 2012 • Kaleidescape shows new Blu-ray carousel; new 3D-capable servers debut from Imerge, VidaBox, Mozaex. DVD CCA lawsuit "didn't really come up," Kaleidescape says.

Kaleidescape Updates Dealers on Lawsuit with DVD CCA

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2012 • CEO Michael Malcolm tells dealers, "The Kaleidescape movie server is not the first innovative technology the studios have tried to stifle in the courts."

Kaleidescape vs. DVD CCA: Judge Rules Against Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2012 • Tentative ruling in landmark DVD-copying case suggests Kaleidescape knew its movie servers might be in violation of DVD CCA licensing agreement. Case has broad implication for media-server market.

Kaleidescape Ruling on DVD Copying Could Quash Innovation

By Julie Jacobson · January 27, 2012 • The DVD CCA wields too much power, and latest judgement against Kaleidescape will drive consumers to purchase unlicensed movie service and cheap DVD-ripping software overseas.

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