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Musings on Kaleidescape, CEA, Media Servers

By Julie Jacobson · May 12, 2010 • Although its Blu-ray solution is not ideal, at least Kaleidescape has a roadmap. Where is CEA in all of this?

Kaleidescape Brings DRM to Blu-ray Copying

By Julie Jacobson · May 11, 2010 • New M-Class players let users copy Blu-ray discs onto Kaleidescape media server, but the disc must be in the tray in order to play it.

Court Drops Minnesotan’s $1.9M File-Sharing Award by 97%

By Julie Jacobson · January 25, 2010 • Judge says the $1.9 million judgment against Jammie Thomas-Rasset was 'monstrous and shocking.' Will RIAA appeal?

Court to RealNetworks: MPAA is not a ‘Price-Fixing Cartel’

By Julie Jacobson · January 12, 2010 • RealNetworks claimed Hollywood studios and DVD CCA violated antitrust laws for preventing the sale of products like RealDVD that enable fair-use copying of DVDs

Student Seeks New Trial in Music Downloading Case

By Steve Crowe · January 5, 2010 • Joel Tenenbaum was ordered to pay record labels $675,000 for illegally downloading and sharing 30 songs.

BluScenes Ships First Blu-ray Discs with Managed Copy

By Julie Jacobson · December 8, 2009 • Users can copy aquarium, fireplace and space scenes directly to a hard drive. Currently no Blu-ray players support AACS managed copy.

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