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Kaleidescape Adopts NexGuard Content Protection; Prepping for Day-and-Date Movie Releases?

By Julie Jacobson · January 7, 2018 • Kaleidescape, famed provider of 4K movie players and online Movie Store, takes another step in safeguarding bit-for-bit content, possibly bidding to offer movie downloads on the same day as their theatrical release?

More Bad News for Movie Servers: Studios Kill Slysoft AnyDVD Ripping Software

By Julie Jacobson · February 29, 2016 • The studios and copy-protection bodies like AACS LA finally kill off popular DVD-copying software AnyDVD from SlySoft, five years after quashing RealDVD and almost destroying Kaleidescape. How will Fusion, ReQuest, Control4, other movie servers fare? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Studios Try to Quash Aereo Streaming TV Service

By Julie Jacobson · November 14, 2012 • Broadcasters say Aereo Web-based live TV service violates copyright law; CEA, EFF and Public Knowledge file amicus brief in favor of Aereo, likening the case to landmark 1984 Betamax case.

Autonomic to Support Ultra­Violet Content in Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · August 15, 2012 • Autonomic appears to be first with high-end media server that stores, streams Ultraviolet-enabled DVDs and Blu-rays. "Lawsuits and disc carousels are bad for business."

Walmart, Vudu Ripping DVDs to the Cloud

By Grant Clauser · March 14, 2012 • Walmart is prepping a cloud-based movie service where users can bring their DVDs into stores in order to access the same material online.

Kaleidescape CEO ‘Shocked’ at Extreme Injunction Against DVD Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · March 12, 2012 • DVD CCA surprises Kaleidescape with severe injunction order, CEO Michael Malcolm tells CE Pro. He believes stay will be granted until appeal is exhausted.

Kaleidescape, ‘Agents’ Enjoined from Selling, Supporting Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · March 12, 2012 • In DVD CCA vs. Kaleidescape, judge issues injunction that prohibits the sale and support of existing DVD movie servers. Kaleidescape has appealed.

Kaleidescape vs. DVD CCA: Judge Rules Against Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2012 • Tentative ruling in landmark DVD-copying case suggests Kaleidescape knew its movie servers might be in violation of DVD CCA licensing agreement. Case has broad implication for media-server market.

Kaleidescape Ruling on DVD Copying Could Quash Innovation

By Julie Jacobson · January 27, 2012 • The DVD CCA wields too much power, and latest judgement against Kaleidescape will drive consumers to purchase unlicensed movie service and cheap DVD-ripping software overseas.

Kaleidescape, DVD CCA Back in Court Over Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · November 30, 2011 • Latest trial could determine if Kaleidescape movie servers breach contract with DVD CCA, licensor of CSS decryption software for DRM; could be landmark case for DVD copying.

Kaleidescape Refuses to ‘Cave to DVD CCA’ on Movie Servers

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2011 • With M700, Kaleidescape continues to store, stream DVDs as usual, despite legal threats from DVD CCA; Blu-ray streaming abides by AACS licensing agreements.

Kaleidescape Ships DRM-Friendly ‘Vault’ for Movie Streaming

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2011 • New M700 carousel ($5,995) with integrated movie player accommodates 320 Blu-ray and DVD discs, reduces overall system cost for whole-house media server.

Amazon Beats Google, Apple to Cloud with Music

By Julie Jacobson · March 30, 2011 • Saying phooey to record labels, Amazon launches Amazon Cloud Player for accessing content from any PC, Mac or Android device. Can you 'smell the lawsuits coming'?

Kaleidescape 300-Disc Vault ‘No More than $6,000’

By Julie Jacobson · July 29, 2010 • Kaleidescape to offer two Blu-ray Vaults -- a 100-disc add-on and a 300-disc integrated solution -- which may ultimately solve issues with DRM and the DVD CCA.

Fair Use Added to DVD Copying ... Sort Of

By Julie Jacobson · July 26, 2010 • Librarian of Congress loosens anti-circumvention provision of the DMCA, but it's not the kind of fair use we were looking for.

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