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HDMI Corner: Be Proactive About Active Cables’ Power Demands

By Jeff Boccaccio · January 20, 2017 • As True 4K Ultra HD products hit stores, you're going to have to use 'active' cables with much higher power demands. Where will all that power come from?

HDMI Corner: Is There a Traffic Jam on the HDMI Highway?

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 28, 2016 • Just because a product can pass an HDMI test does not mean it will always work within varied system environments. Under Rev 2.0b this only gets more complicated.

Decoding HDMI Bandwidth: What’s the Deal? Is It 10Gbps, 18Gbps or 30Gbps?

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 15, 2016 • What happens when an HDMI cable boasts 18Gbps but can't fight its way out of 10.2Gbps? Let's sort through the question of HDMI speed once and for all.

HDMI Corner: Will a Fiber Future Unfold for HDMI?

By Jeff Boccaccio · November 25, 2016 • Nine times out of 10, fiber’s performance will surpass copper by a huge margin. Jeff Boccaccio spells out some bacis factors when it comes to running fiber.

HDMI Corner: Navigate Noise & Voltage When Vaulting to 4K/60

By Jeff Boccaccio · November 10, 2016 • DPL Labs tests the integrity of an HDMI 5-volt line, which is the lifeblood of HDMI and 'should never be messed with.'

DPL Labs Certified Aurora Fiber HDMI Cable Delivers 18Gbps Up to 30 Meters

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2016 • With true, uncompressed Ultra HD 4K content now available, Tributaries Cable's new Aurora line of products deliver 18Gbps connectivity.

HDMI Corner: Making the Jump to 4K? Here’s How to Stick the Landing

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 10, 2016 • Manufacturers and integrators alike are tripping over themselves trying to 'make the jump' to high-speed 4K transmission.

HDMI Corner: What We Learned Talking to Major Manufacturers in China

By Jeff Boccaccio · June 29, 2016 • The plan was to evangelize, but what DLP Labs found the great Global Sources Electronics tradeshow in Hong Kong was bigger than they could have expected.

HDMI Corner: Avoid Surprises with Legacy Cables and 4K 60Hz

By Jeff Boccaccio · March 29, 2016 • The expansion to 18Gbps provides integrators with a choice: do the necessary tests with your legacy cables in the field, or leave yourself open to new challenges.

HDMI Corner: Can Fiber Really Go the Distance?

By Jeff Boccaccio · March 16, 2016 • As the interface demands more bandwidth, integrators need to invest in robust and reliable transmission lines. Fiber-optic cable, an active cable product, is one of the many options for long-distance applications.

DPL Certifies First 18Gbps HDMI Cable for 100 Feet: Tributaries’ Fiber-Optic Aurora

By Julie Jacobson · March 7, 2016 • New Aurora HDMI cable from Tributaries is DPL-certified to deliver 18 Gbps data rates for 4K/60 video with HDR over active optical fiber.

Unearthing New HDMI Facts, Real-World Answers

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 10, 2015 • Jeff Boccaccio, president of DPL Labs, looks back on the year, including a new testing process for 4K and HDR.

Battle of the 4K Cable Certification Marks: UL, HDMI Licensing, DPL Labs

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 6, 2015 • Both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and HDMI Licensing, LLC are launching test and certification programs for 4K-capable HDMI cables. Jeff Boccaccio, the original HDMI certification guy, weighs in on the challenges.

Caution When Handling HDR and Rev2.0a HDMI

By Jeff Boccaccio · August 6, 2015 • Jeff Boccaccio from DPL Labs says the thirst for HDR will drive the upper bandwidth demand limits, hard and fast.

HDMI Corner: Emissions and Another Dimension of Potential Pitfalls

By Jeff Boccaccio · July 14, 2015 • HDMI operates at frequencies so high they are generally accepted and treated as an RF signal environment. This is one reason cables are built with such a large emphasis on shielding.

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