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Boccaccio: HDMI Extenders Suffer from Manufacturing Inconsistencies

By Jeff Boccaccio · August 8, 2019 • While HDMI extenders can be very useful, integrators should be careful because any lingering cable deficiencies can limit their effectiveness.

When High-End Products Limit Low-End Results

By Jeff Boccaccio · July 3, 2019 • According to Jeff Boccaccio, integrators that buy high-end products expecting them to be "better" can be left disappointed if the products are not properly tested.

What’s the Deal with AOC Failures?

By Jeff Boccaccio · June 11, 2019 • Active optical fiber (AOC) failure rates can largely depend on crude testing that does not account for increased distances after adding passive HDMI extenders.

Boccaccio: Don’t Leave Test Results of Eye of the Beholder

By Jeff Boccaccio · May 17, 2019 • Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs discusses the testing procedures available for HDMI 2.1, including the self-testing going on right now.

Power vs. Data Rate: Is There a Compromise?

By Jeff Boccaccio · April 17, 2019 • Jeff Boccaccio says the balance between power and data rate in HDMI cables is something integrators need to keep an eye on.

Why Distributors Are Digging Deeper Into HDMI Education

By Jeff Boccaccio · April 2, 2019 • Distributors that utilize educational advantages and put forth extra effort in servicing their accounts can become a major resource for custom integrators.

All the Lab Testing in the World Won’t Catch HDMI Interop Issues

By Jeff Boccaccio · January 4, 2019 • Even the best HDMI lab testing can't catch the cable interoperability issues that dealers discover in the field. Share the data!

Kordz Kevlar Reinforced HDMI Cable to Debut at CEDIA Expo 2018

By Robert Archer · August 24, 2018 • The Kordz PRS3 AOC HDMI cable will be introduced to U.S. integrators at the CEDIA Expo 2018 show in San Diego during the week of Sept. 4-8, and according to the company the product supports the latest video formats.

Transformative Engineering HD-4K Extender Receives DPL Certification

By Robert Archer · April 11, 2018 • The Transformative Engineering HD-4K extender has earned DPL Labs' Full 4K HDR 18Gbps HDBaseT Category Cable Seal of Approval.

HDMI Corner: How to Prepare for 48G and Fend Off False Marketing Claims

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 3, 2017 • How can anyone legitimately claim their HDMI transmission lines (cables, fiber, wireless, etc.) are ready for the HDMI Rev 2.1 48G?

ICYMI: Now That 4K Is Widespread, We See All Those HDMI Problems

By Jeff Boccaccio · July 27, 2017 • DPL Labs tests performed on one popular 4K Blu-ray player that seemed to work with just about every product reveals some interesting — and disturbing — results.

Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

By Jeff Boccaccio · June 23, 2017 • A seven-hour DPL Labs presentation at the HDMI Wire and Cable Association Conference in China elicited an intense Q&A about HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps.

Small Testing Glitch Leaves More HDMI Rev 2.1 Questions Looming

By Jeff Boccaccio · May 23, 2017 • DPL Labs tried various devices, cable assemblies and connectors to figure out why a fixture and connector issue kept causing problems during its new HDMI test equipment setup.

DPL Labs: HDMI Rev 2.1 Has Phones Ringing Off the Hook

By Jeff Boccaccio · March 8, 2017 • DPL Labs shares the reaction it's heard from integrators, manufacturers and retailers about the latest HDMI revision.

HDMI Corner: Playing the Numbers Game with New Rev 2.1

By Jeff Boccaccio · February 13, 2017 • Under Rev 2.0b the 18Gbps pipe offered 4K 60Hz Deep Color and HDR. Now, with increased bandwidth we can achieve resolutions out to 5K, 8K and 10K with refresh rates much faster than ever.

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