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Digital Projection Details Virtues of HIGHlite Laser Projector

By Robert Archer · March 14, 2014 • The Atlanta-based manufacturer Digital Projection (DP) recently showed its HIGHlite Laser projector to the world during the annual ISE show in Europe. The groundbreaking projector is designed to provide users with a solution that offers many benefits. Recently the company took some time with CE Pro to explain in greater detail.

Mitsubishi Drops DLP Displays: Goodbye RPTVs Forever

By Julie Jacobson · December 1, 2012 • A pioneer of big-screen rear projection TVs, Mitsubishi (MEVSA) was the last hold-out in DLP displays, and finally is discontinuing the line as part of a corporate restructuring.

Runco SC-30d & SC-35d Signature Series projectors

By Robert Archer · September 8, 2012 • Runco has added two new products to its Signature Series of products with the introduction of its SC-30d and SC-35d projectors.

BenQ EP5920 1080p projector

By Robert Archer · July 30, 2012 • BenQ's new EP5920 1080p projector is an affordable solution that installers can use for media room installations.

Sharp XV-30000 3D front projector

By Robert Archer · January 19, 2012 • Sharp's latest 3D front projector the XV-30000 is capable of producing up to 1600 ANSI lumens and the DLP-based unit uses active 3D technologies to deliver a 3D viewing experience.

My Love Affair with DLP Continues

By Julie Jacobson · October 3, 2011 • I didn't know if we would make it, but after a simple lamp replacement on my 60-inch display, we are happy again.

Mitsubishi Touts Big Opportunities in Rear DLPs

By Julie Jacobson · October 3, 2011 • You can buy a 70-inch Sharp LED for about $3,000, but Mitsubishi's DLP is still half the price and a better opportunity for dealers, TV maker claims.

Out, Out Damn Lamp! The Big Bummer with DLPs

By Julie Jacobson · September 27, 2011 • After three years, our 60-inch Mitsubishi display has gone dark. Can I replace the lamp myself?

Digital Projection dVision Scope 1080p projector

By Robert Archer · August 22, 2011 • The Emmy Award winning manufacturer of video hardware has just introduced a new native 2.35:1 projector that offers a resolution of 2560x1080.

ViewSonic VP3D1 3D converter box

By Robert Archer · May 19, 2011 • The Walnut, Calif.-based electronics company says its new device allows owners of 3D-enabled components to view 3D gaming, broadcast and Blu-ray content on their 3D-ready displays.

Mitsubishi Exits LCD Market

By Jason Knott · March 22, 2011 • Company announces it will focus on larger DLP HDTVs, close two offices and reduce staff at a factory in Mexico.

Runco LightStyle Series LS-HB projector

By Robert Archer · January 26, 2011 • The Ore.-based high-performance video company has added a product that it says can provide consumers with performance outside of a dedicated home theater environment.

Mitsubishi Combines 3D Picture with 3D Sound

By Julie Jacobson · May 17, 2010 • Expecting to ship 500k DLPs this year, MDEA continues to expand line for 3D lovers; launches Diamond 838 with built-in immersive sound that can expand to complete 7.1 surround system.