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ADT Partners with Arrow Electronics to Expand its Cybersecurity Brand

By CE Pro Editors · March 2, 2018 • By partnering with Arrow Electronics, ADT will gain managed detection and response services.

Top 5 Home Tech Trends for 2018: From Smart Home Services to ‘Chief Security Officers’

By Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2018 • Every year, CE Pro selects five home-technology trends and opportunities for pros who install audio, video, security and home automation systems. Voice control, virtual reality, 4K, smart home as a service (SHaaS), mass sensorization, high-resolution audio (HRA), IoT awareness …. . .

Slideshare: Julie Jacobson’s Ultimate CES 2018 Preview - 91 Pages of Smart Home

By Julie Jacobson · January 5, 2018 • CE Pro's Julie Jacobson presents the Ultimate Preview of CES 2018 in 91 pages of Powerpoint slides, with products, trends, links and insights on home automation, A/V, IoT, energy, lighting, AI, security, networking and related smart-home categories.

Top 2017 Mergers & Acquisitions in Security, IoT, Consumer Electronics, A/V

By Julie Jacobson · December 26, 2017 • 2017 was a big year for mergers and acquisitions in consumer technology, including security, smart home, IoT, cybersecurity, high-performance audio and the home-technology installation channel. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Apple iOS 11.2 Update Rooted in Smart Home Flaw

By Jason Knott · December 15, 2017 • Integrators should use latest Apple HomeKit vulnerability to talk about cybersecurity, service agreements to clients.

Cybersecurity Liability: Who’s to Blame if One Bad IoT Device Topples the Whole Network?

By Jason Knott · December 12, 2017 • The state of IoT cybersecurity: UL says smart-home integrators and manufacturers share liability when IoT systems are hacked, warns home-tech industry to implement guidelines and best practices.

Hacking 101: Why Video Surveillance Should be Left to the Pros

By Julie Jacobson · November 15, 2017 • When selling video surveillance systems to would-be DIYs, remind customers it's not just physical security to consider, but also data security, given all the cybersecurity hacks out there, especially through IP cameras.

ADT Acquires Datashield; Forms ADT Cybersecurity

By CE Pro Editors · November 14, 2017 • ADT Cybersecurity will target commercial clients with 'rapid response' network security in addition to physical security systems.

5 Little Password Tips to Secure Your Clients’ Networks

By Jason Knott · October 31, 2017 • Cybersecurity expert outlines five best ways to create hard-to-crack passwords for home networks.

Hikvision Launches Dedicated Cybersecurity Hotline for Video Surveillance Users, Contractors

By CE Pro Editors · October 25, 2017 • Following Internet hacks through susceptible video-surveillance products from numerous manufacturers, Hikvision establishes dedicated line for cybersecurity concerns.

Eero Bundles Cybersecurity, Remote Network Monitoring for Smart-Home Pros

By CE Pro Editors · September 7, 2017 • Home-technology integrators get a “share of the economics” when they add Eero Plus cybersecurity service to Eero mesh-networking solutions.

CommandScape is High-End, Cybersecure Home-Automation System from Netscape Founder Jim Clark

By Julie Jacobson · August 22, 2017 • Cybersecurity at core of CommandScape, a building-management and home-automation manufacturer launched by Netscape founder Jim Clark, and run by former ADT exec. Don Boerema. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

CEDIA Q&A: CUJO Brings Unique IoT Network Security to San Diego

By CE Pro Editors · August 17, 2017 • CUJO's mission is to protect homes and users against the growing threats of home hacking. See the IoT security solution at CEDIA 2017 in booth #739.

Failed Firmware Update Takes Down 500 LockState Smart Locks

By Steve Karantzoulidis · August 16, 2017 • Smart lock vendor LockState accidentally bricks its own locks through a failed automatic firmware update. More than 500 customers using model 6000i RemoteLocks were impacted.

We Need to Talk about Cybersecurity for Older, Unsupported IoT Devices

By Julie Jacobson · August 2, 2017 • How do we continue to secure a smart home after manufacturers discontinue support for older home-automation hubs, smart TVs, connected lights and other IoT devices? Krika’s Bruno Napoli weighs in. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

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