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Charmed Quark

Approaches to Home Automation Protocols and Implications for the Custom Install Channel

By Dean Roddey · June 19, 2015 • Charmed Quark principal Dean Roddey presents the elements of a home automation protocol, the opportunities and pitfalls for any given approach, and the implications for the professional integration channel.

HomeSeer Exploits Rise of Android, Fall of Charmed Quark

By Julie Jacobson · September 1, 2010 • The demise of Charmed Quark reminded us that integrators want hardware with their home automation software; HomeSeer delivers with new HomeTroller S3, soon with Android support

Charmed Quark Won’t Open-Source Automation Software

By Julie Jacobson · July 26, 2010 • Charmed Quark has decided to take another shot at business, rather than abandon shop and open-source its CQC home automation software. Too late for CE Pros?

Charmed Quark: Get Ready for Open-Source Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · July 7, 2010 • Charmed Quark is closing shop after eight years, offering its robust CQC home automation software and a rabid fan base to the open-source community.

Are You Afraid of Automation Startups?

By Julie Jacobson · November 10, 2009 • Hopefully, Colorado vNet's issues won't put CE pros off automation start-ups. That would be bad.