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How Frank Restored my Faith in Time Warner Cable

By Julie Jacobson · August 23, 2012 • The first thing at TWC that actually worked for me? The awesome customer service by field technician Frank Dato, who got me everything I needed and more for CableCard, SDV and TWC's awful DVR.

Ode to Media Center and Ceton

By Julie Jacobson · August 4, 2012 • How I hate my GUI, TWC. I embrace you, InfiniTV. Ceton, will you marry me?

Can Ceton Rejuvenate Windows Media Center, Extenders?

By Julie Jacobson · April 17, 2012 • Ceton shows Windows Media Center Extender with built-in Web browser and DTS audio technology at NAB 2012, complementing its InfiniTV 4 USB multistream tuner.

My Nightmare with Time Warner Cable

By Julie Jacobson · February 20, 2012 • Why Julie Jacobson selected Time Warner Cable over AT&T U-verse in move to California, and how the process put TWC on the road to suckiness.

Ceton Fesses Up: Quad CableCard Tuner to Ship May 31

By Julie Jacobson · March 15, 2010 • Ceton knew March 31 deadline couldn't be met, but delayed announcement; new InfiniTV digital cable tuner products ready to pre-order for $399 exclusively at Zones but program is limited

Where Did Cannon’s CETON Quad Digital Cable Tuner Go?

By Julie Jacobson · March 11, 2010 • Cannon PC was showing a $399 CETON multi-channel DCT scheduled to ship March 31. Now the product is nowhere to be found.