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Cat5, Cat6, and Cat6a: Is it Time to Start Future-Proofing?

By CE Pro Editors · April 19, 2019 • According to Primex, integrators should encourage commercial clients to consider the possible costs of delaying upgrading to Cat6a.

ICE Cable Catalog Helps Dealers Make Educated Cabling Purchases

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2014 • The latest product catalog from ICE Cable Systems was written to help educate electronics professionals to help them choose the proper cables for each job.

Cat-6 Reality Check: Why it Pays to Hire a Pro

By Robert Archer · March 25, 2014 • How Bob Archer's failed attempt at terminating Cat-6 cable should remind would-be DIYs why they should hire a pro.

Key Digital KD-CATHD500 Cat-6/STP balun devices

By Robert Archer · October 19, 2012 • Key Digital's KD-CATHD500 Cat-6 balun is a HDCP compliant solution that installers can use to transmit high definition video and audio for distances up to 600 feet.

Ethereal HDM-CAT6SC HDMI over Cat-6/7 cable

By Robert Archer · June 7, 2012 • Metra Electronics' Ethereal brand's new HDM-CAT6SC solution is compatible with the HDMI 1.4a format and it provides a signal gain capability as high as 39dB.

Platinum Tools EZ-SnapJack

By Robert Archer · June 6, 2011 • The company's self-terminating wall jack product eliminates the need for punchdown tools and it works with Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables.