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CE Pro of the Week: Ashley Morelli, System 7

By Tom LeBlanc · October 8, 2010 • As an architect she brings a high level of CAD sophistication to her company’s system designs.

CE Pro of the Week: Remko Rolberg, Komforto

By Tom LeBlanc · October 1, 2010 • The first European profiled in this space always includes a service contract and dismisses 3D.

CE Pro of the Week: Sam Cavitt, Paradise Theater

By Tom LeBlanc · September 10, 2010 • "Design for fee and not for free," advises this home theater architect.

CE Pro of the Week: Ronald VanDenBroeke, Living Connected

By Tom LeBlanc · September 3, 2010 • Like a lot of guys who design home theaters, he doesn’t have time to watch movies in his.

CE Pro of the Week: Larry Whitney, Western Audio-Video

By Tom LeBlanc · August 20, 2010 • Pragmatic advice from a guy who’s been in business for 34 years.

CE Pro of the Week: Glenis H. Graham, NEC-CORP

By Tom LeBlanc · August 13, 2010 • This former NASA employee says he’s unique because “I actually like working with people.”

CE Pro of the Week: Steven K. Sumners, Sound Insights

By Tom LeBlanc · August 6, 2010 • Compare and contrast this week’s honoree with Homer Simpson.

CE Pro of the Week: Brad Sundberg, BSUN Media Systems

By Tom LeBlanc · July 30, 2010 • He describes the wildest installation requests ever. Think Michael Jackson, Madonna and rattlesnakes.

CE Pro of the Week: Mike Jarboe, Eye-Fi

By Tom LeBlanc · July 23, 2010 • This week's honoree streams 99% of his personal content and gives us an excuse to post a photo of Jessica Alba.

CE Pro of the Week: Wallace Hattenhauer, HomeTroniX

By Tom LeBlanc · July 16, 2010 • This week’s honoree makes the “Geek Squad look like the Extremely Weak Squad.”

CE Pro of the Week: Scott Fuelling, Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment

By Tom LeBlanc · July 9, 2010 • Learn why this farmer-turned-integrator emphasizes system engineering and documentation.

CE Pro of the Week: Juan Mota, Vsys Automation

By Tom LeBlanc · July 2, 2010 • This integrator, whose two locations are 1,700 miles apart, is as passionate about architecture as he is about system design.

CE Pro of the Week: Heather L. Sidorowicz

By Tom LeBlanc · June 25, 2010 • Learn how this integrator became the first female CE Pro of the Week.

CE Pro of the Week: Shawn Hansson, Logic Integration

By Tom LeBlanc · June 18, 2010 • Learn why this integrator gave up the flute and why he waves around an iPhone or iPad whenever possible.

CE Pro of the Week: Bryan Gorog, BCG Concepts

By Tom LeBlanc · June 11, 2010 • Learn about this integrator's biggest fear and what he thinks about 3D.

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