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Obama Signs Bill Delaying DTV Transition

By Steve Crowe · February 11, 2009 • President Obama officially delays DTV transition by about four months to June 12.

FCC: 681 Stations Want to Honor Feb. 17 DTV Deadline

By Steve Crowe · February 11, 2009 • FCC says 491 stations want to make the switch on Feb. 17. Another 190 stations have already switched or will do so on original deadline.

Zip Express Installation Providing $199 DTV Service

By Steve Crowe · February 10, 2009 • Will hook up converter box to analog TV for $199. For $299, Zip throws in "installation and programming" of a Logitech Harmony remote.

Confusing DTV Twist Will Cost Millions for Consumer Re-Education

By Julie Jacobson · February 6, 2009 • Analog households may think they get a four-month reprieve on the DTV transition but most analog stations will probably go dark long before June 12.

Study: 82% of Broadcast-Only Households Prepared for DTV

By Steve Crowe · February 5, 2009 • The National Association of Broadcasters finds that DTV awareness is "universal" at 97%.

House Approves Bill to Delay DTV to June 12

By Steve Crowe · February 4, 2009 • The bill will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law. Obama initially brought up the idea of delaying the transition, saying too many Americans were unprepared.

Senate Votes to Delay DTV Transition, Again

By Jason Unger · January 30, 2009 • For the second time this week, the Senate has voted to delay the DTV transition from February 17 to June 12.

DTV Delay Bill Fails to Pass House

By Steve Crowe · January 28, 2009 • In an ever-confusing twist, the bill that would have delayed the DTV transition by four months failed to pass the House on Wednesday. The vote was 258 to 168 (60.6 percent) in favor of delaying the deadline. It needed two-thirds vote to pass. For now at least, the DTV transition is still on for Feb. 17, 2009.

Senate Votes to Delay DTV Date to June 12

By Steve Crowe · January 27, 2009 • The U.S. Senate passed a bill Monday that would delay the transition by four months, giving consumers extra time to prepare.

Congress to Likely Delay DTV Date to June 12

By Chuck McKenney · January 23, 2009 • Senate vote is scheduled for next week as Congress scrambles to delay DTV transition. "The shameful truth is that we are not poised to do this transition right now," says Senate commerce committee chairman John D. Rockefeller.

HTSA Sides with Obama, Suggests Delaying DTV Transition

By Steve Crowe · January 14, 2009 • HTSA says the DTV transition should be delayed until June 1, allowing more time for the government to work through issues.

Shapiro to Obama: DTV Transition Should Remain on Feb. 17

By Tom LeBlanc · January 13, 2009 • Read the CEA chief's letter to the President-elect’s transition team offering five alternatives to pushing the date back. Obama had urged Congress to consider a delay.

Obama Looks to Push Back DTV Transition

By Tom LeBlanc · January 9, 2009 • Too many Americans still have analog TVs and don’t have DTV converters, according to the Obama team. Lack of money for the coupon program compounds the problem, it adds.

New DTV Coupon Applicants Heading to Waiting List

By Jason Unger · January 5, 2009 • New applicants for the government-issued $40 DTV coupons will be placed on a waiting list and served on a first-come, first-serve basis as they wait for more funds to become available.

Government Running Low on $40 DTV Coupons

By Steve Crowe · December 29, 2008 • Government likely to hit $1.34 billion budget for $40 DTV converter box coupons.

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