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Comcast: ZigBee Set-Top Box is Gateway to Home Control

By Jason Knott · January 27, 2012 • Using ZigBee RF4CE, Comcast launches Xfinity set-top boxes and remotes with wireless RF to expand control of other home devices.

FCC Fields 317K Calls on DTV Transition Day

By Steve Crowe · June 15, 2009 • Record amount of calls dealt with operation of digital converter boxes and reception issues. Overall, the DTV transition went smoothly.

Tell us About Your DTV Transition Day

By Julie Jacobson · June 12, 2009 • Will TV watchers go berserk in the streets on June 12, 2009, or will the whole thing be as uneventful as Y2K? Share your DTV-Day stories!

DTV Transition Could Cause Spike in OTA HD

By Tom LeBlanc · June 11, 2009 • Fifty-five percent of those surveyed by Harris "somewhat or very likely" to switch from cable to antenna for free over-the-air HD signals.

Nielsen: 2.8 Million Homes Unprepared for DTV Transition

By Steve Crowe · June 10, 2009 • Number of unready homes dropped from 5.8 million since transition was delayed.

Does Friday’s DTV Transition Deadline Matter to CE Pros?

By Tom LeBlanc · June 10, 2009 • Electronics retailers are promoting the heck out of it, but CE Pros aren’t. Missed opportunity or is the June 12 boon overblown?

NAB: DTV Awareness Reaches Record High of 98%

By Steve Crowe · May 4, 2009 • Only 11% of over-the-air households yet to take action to prepare for transition.

NTIA Clears DTV Coupon Waiting List, Accepting Applicants

By Steve Crowe · March 25, 2009 • NTIA says new applications being processed on first-come, first-served basis.

OnForce Partners with SBCA to Augment Integrator’s Business

By Tom LeBlanc · March 24, 2009 • Relationship with satellite trade organization may help technicians maintain cash flow by installing dishes fueled by June 12 DTV transition.

Another 158 Stations Shut Off Analog Signals Early

By Steve Crowe · March 19, 2009 • About half of the country's TV stations have ended analog broadcasting early.

Dish Loses 102,000 Subscribers, Most Ever

By Jason Unger · March 2, 2009 • Dish Network lost 102,000 net subscribers in Q4 of 2008, its biggest-ever burn, when analysts expected 20,000 additional subscribers.

Hidden Camera in DTV Converter Box Hoax is Lame

By Tom LeBlanc · February 26, 2009 • YouTube video says government spies on consumers through converter boxes. Just when you thought the DTV conversion couldn’t get more confusing.

Cable Operators Looking to Create Online Video Platforms

By Tom LeBlanc · February 25, 2009 • Comcast, Time Warner, and others want own Hulu-like platforms with content from HBO, MTV, CNN, TNT, etc.

FCC Fields 28,000 DTV Tech Assistance Calls

By Tom LeBlanc · February 19, 2009 • The FCC has been bombarded with converter box questions after 421 stations made the early DTV switch on Tuesday.

641 TV Stations Terminate Analog Signals Early

By Steve Crowe · February 18, 2009 • About 36% of the 1,796 full-powered stations honor original DTV deadline.

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