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Quiz: Is Your Company Performance Above or Below Average?

By CE Pro Editors · July 19, 2018 • What is your sales closing ratio? What percent of a home construction cost is devoted to electronics? What is revenue per employee? See how your operation compares.

GreatAmerica Unveils A/V Financing Program for Integrators

By Jason Knott · July 11, 2018 • Targeting primarily commercial A/V projects, GreatAmerica develops bundled package to enable integrators to finance both equipment and service fees for their clients.

4 Tips to Beat the A/V Trunkslammers

By Eric Thies · June 13, 2018 • Custom installation has the worst satisfaction rate of any industry that services the home, probably because the industry is infested with trunkslammers, writes integrator Eric Thies. What are you going to do about it?

No Trucks, No Showroom: How Sage AV Navigates NYC’s Integration Challenges

By Jason Knott · June 12, 2018 • New York integration firm Sage Audio Video Technology makes due without vehicles or a showroom, thanks to experience centers from companies like Lutron and Savant.

Study Shows Smart Home Optimism Among Consumers

By CE Pro Editors · June 12, 2018 • The 2018 Consumer Electronics Guide finds consumer sentiments towards smart home technology to be trending positively, with lighting and security among the most discussed topics.

Keep Your Business Booming by Fostering a Solid Corporate Culture

By Advertorial · May 22, 2018 • ConnectWise suggests that the best way to hire and retain good employees is by creating an internal culture that embraces change.

How Sound Affects Your Home Theater Customers’ Emotions

By Richard Fairbrother · May 14, 2018 • By appealing to customers' emotions via certain soundtracks and biological reactions to music, integrators may be able to boost sales of home theater equipment.

How Efficient Is Your Service Department? Take the Quiz

By CE Pro Editors · May 8, 2018 • Compare your own service department vs. industry averages for monthly truck rolls, timeframe between service requests per client, response time and common causes of service requests.

The 43 Metrics You Need to Track to Measure Success in the A/V Industry

By Jason Knott · May 4, 2018 • Use these 43 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – from labor profit to project backlog – to check if your custom installation business is on track… or off-track.

Highly Skilled ‘Uberized Technicians’ Are Next Employment Frontier

By By Itai Hirsch · May 3, 2018 • Not only is demand for smart home services becoming Uberized, so is the workforce. Integrators will soon be forced to employ skilled 'freelance technicians' who want flexible, on-demand working schedules typified by rideshare services.

7 Ways to Avoid Client Sticker Shock

By By Eric Thies · May 2, 2018 • Breaking down proposals into smaller chunks, not being the first person to submit a quote, and selling design first are just three tips s to avoid client sticker shock to your pricing.

8 Quick Business Tips to Boost Profitability

By Jason Knott · May 1, 2018 • Azione integrators share advice on charging for engineering and project management, hiring and firing, GPS tracking for vehicles and other profit-building tips.

New Google Mobile-First Indexing Could Hurt 66% of Integrators’ Websites

By Jason Knott · April 19, 2018 • Integrators’ websites that do not have ‘responsive’ mobile-friendly design could 'plummet' in Google ranking starting April 21.

7 Tips for Marketing to Homebuilders, Architects, Interior Designers

By By Angel Madrid · April 12, 2018 • Send a free Amazon Echo Dot to help break the ice, and other advice such as sitting on local boards, leveraging manufacturers, and hosting events are other inventive ways to build business with trade partners.

7 Complaints of Successful Luxury Salespeople

By Jason Knott · April 4, 2018 • Change these seven problems, from spending too much energy on social media to altering product lines, and boost sales by 30%, according to the Luxury Institute.

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