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The Big Drawback of Boxee TV Cloud-Based DVR

By Julie Jacobson · October 16, 2012 • Boxee TV offers unlimited cloud-based storage for recorded shows, but no local storage, so users must play monthly fees -- which are bound to increase -- for as long as they want access. What if Boxee goes out of business?

Boxee TV Features Dual Tuner, Unlimited Cloud-Based DVR

By Bjorn Jensen · October 16, 2012 • Cord Cutters should love new $99 Boxee TV with antenna, dual tuners, apps, EPG, optional cable hook-up and "No Limit" DVR storage in the cloud for access from any browser.

Stupid FCC Proposal Would Kill Basic Cable, Thwart TV Innovation

By Julie Jacobson · February 9, 2012 • Boxee chief Avner Ronen rips cable companies for begging government’s help to encrypt basic cable channels such that settop boxes would be required for every TV. FCC would be "perverse" to adopt rule-making.

Fusion CEO: Media Servers Still Going Strong

By Julie Jacobson · March 29, 2011 • Fusion Research attributes longevity of media server business to pricing, generic storage, streaming content, self-hosted database, no contracts with DVD CCA.

What CE Pros Are Saying About Streaming Content

By Julie Jacobson · November 22, 2010 • If home systems integrators are this baffled by Google TV, Vudu, Boxee, Roku, bandwidth limitations and other streaming media issues, imagine how your clients feel.

Fusion Adds Boxee to Multiroom Media Servers

By Julie Jacobson · September 22, 2010 • Fusion Research adds Boxee to integration-friendly media servers, combining Boxee's multiple apps with the user's own DVD and CD collection.

Boxee Gets Movie Library, 4 Content Partners

By Arlen Schweiger · August 26, 2010 • Partners with EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI and Openfilm.

Digital Theft? NBC Says Boxee Illegally Took Content from Hulu

By Julie Jacobson · February 8, 2010 • Boxee CEO Avner Ronen fires back: "We don’t 'take' the video. We don’t copy it. We don’t put ads on top of it."

Boxee to Charge Users for TV Shows and Movies

By Julie Jacobson · January 23, 2010 • Boxee to join Hulu, Pandora, NYT and other providers in charging for streaming content that used to be free.

What’s Up with D-Link Industrial Design?

By Julie Jacobson · January 6, 2010 • They may look cute to the industrial design teams, but Boxee Box and Pebble make no sense in the practicality department.

Digital Content: Where is Boxee Today?

By Julie Jacobson · December 28, 2009 • A rising star in content aggregation, Boxee is set to offer hardware, TV show "subscription" services, and universal search functionality that seeks content on the home network and in the cloud.