Bluesound Gen 2 Updates Wireless Whole-House Audio Product Line

By Robert Archer · August 26, 2015 • The Canadian whole-house audio company Bluesound has announced its latest product line called Bluesound Gen 2.

Home Theater/Audio-Centric Business Model Yields 20% Growth

By Robert Archer · February 27, 2015 • New Hampshire-based AV Therapy has built a $2 million hybrid retail/custom business on the foundation of two-channel audio and home theater.

NAD CI 940, CI 980 Whole-House Amplifiers Produce Dynamic Power

By Robert Archer · February 19, 2015 • Addressing the whole-house audio category, the Canadian electronics manufacturer NAD has introduced its CI 980 and CI 940 multichannel amplifiers, engineered to offer dealers a choice of products with the ability to drive low impedance loads.

Is Bluesound Multiroom Wireless Audio a Threat to Sonos?

By CE Pro Editors · December 12, 2014 • CE Pro went one-on-one with John Banks, Chief Brand Officer of Bluesound, to discuss the company's latest multiroom wireless audio solutions.

TIDAL Set to Launch in U.S., Announces Partnerships with 16 Audio Manufacturers

By Robert Archer · October 20, 2014 • TIDAL is a European streaming music service that offers CD-quality tunes and a library of 25 million tracks. The company has teamed with 16 companies, including Sonos, Meridian and Denon HEOS, as it prepares to make its American debut.

Editor’s Picks: Wireless Audio System Roundup

By Robert Archer · October 8, 2014 • Take a look a 13 powerful wireless audio solutions, from companies including Peerless-AV, Russound, Fusion Research, Sonos, Bose and more.

Hands On Review: Bluesound Wireless Audiophile Music System

By Grant Clauser · April 18, 2014 • Bluesound lineup offers easy music ripping and multiroom access.

Bluesound Wireless System: High-Performance Multiroom Audio

By Grant Clauser · October 18, 2013 • The Lenbrook Group is getting into the multiroom audio category with its Bluesound wireless system that uses Wi-Fi (or wired Ethernet) to distribute Internet-based or locally-stored music all over the house.

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