Bay Audio

Bringing Mardi Gras to a Home Theater

By Arlen Schweiger · September 17, 2014 • Cinemacoustic Solutions (CSi) and Connected Technology (CT) bring Mardi Gras flavor to this home theater.

3 Vital Tips for Selling Landscape Audio

By Ira Friedman · May 22, 2014 • Forget about deploying 'stereo,' develop a mindset like a landscape architect, and never just simply ask clients if they are interested in outdoor audio?

Bay Audio PTM+ Home Theater Solution Includes Onsite Calibration

By Rachel Cericola · April 24, 2014 • Installers begin the process for the PTM+ speaker setup by providing worksheets outlining the specs of a client's room as well as the design and decor. Once installed, Bay Audio sends a calibrator to fine-tune the system.

Bay Audio Soundbar Designed to Look and Sound Good

By Robert Archer · December 6, 2013 • Bay Audio TVX soundbars are custom-made to match any flat-panel TV; orders turned around in three days.

Bay Audio Debuts Park Stevens ‘Invisible’ Outdoor Speakers

By Jason Knott · August 11, 2011 • Park Stevens brand of outdoor speakers, which can be wall mounted or buried, and a subwoofer will be sold directly to qualified dealers.

Live-Wall in-wall loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · May 13, 2010 • Live-Wall is a start-up loudspeaker manufacturer with products that are available through Bay Audio, and its first product release is the LW-1218, which the manufacturer says can be mudded into a wall to hide its location.