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Energy Transformation Systems Baluns Fix Audio Signals

By Robert Archer · June 15, 2016 • The baluns (unbalanced PA881) and (coaxial PA882) send digital audio signals over twisted-pair cables in both residential and commercial environments.

Key Digital KD-CATHD500 Cat-6/STP balun devices

By Robert Archer · October 19, 2012 • Key Digital's KD-CATHD500 Cat-6 balun is a HDCP compliant solution that installers can use to transmit high definition video and audio for distances up to 600 feet.

Liberty Moves Beyond Just ‘Wire & Cable’

By Julie Jacobson · July 16, 2010 • Changing its name to Liberty AV Solutions, the company best known for RGB and coax cables now offers a full slate of racks, mounts, baluns and services to enhance dealer cash flow.