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3D: Tips to Reignite Consumer Interest

By Robert Archer · May 18, 2012 • Digital Projection explains how to create an ideal 3D home video environment to reignite consumer interest in 3D and undo the damage Hollywood has done to the format.

6 Great 3D Demos

By Robert Archer · April 8, 2011 • We roundup the best content to use when demoing 3D systems.

‘Avatar’ Blu-ray 3D Exclusive with Panasonic TVs

By Rachel Cericola · December 1, 2010 • Buy a Panasonic VIERA VT or GT Series 3D plasma TVs and you'll receive a free copy of "Avatar" on Blu-ray 3D.

‘Avatar’ 3D Blu-ray Coming in December, Exclusive to Panasonic TVs

By Rachel Cericola · September 3, 2010 • 3D Blu-ray will be connected to the purchase of a Panasonic 3D VIERA plasma TV.

James Cameron Designing 3D Camera for Mars Exploration

By Rachel Cericola · September 1, 2010 • Stereoscopic camera will capture 3D images during Mars exploration.

Hustler Produces ‘Avatar’ 3D Porno

By Rachel Cericola · June 22, 2010 • This Ain't Avatar XXX will be Hustler's most expensive movie to date.

Avatar 3D Blu-ray Finally Coming?

By Rachel Cericola · May 27, 2010 • Rumor says 3D Blu-ray available in November with purchase of Panasonic 3D equipment.

Avatar Blu-ray Snafu Opens Doors to Service Plans

By Julie Jacobson · May 3, 2010 • The problem can be solved with firmware updates, but most consumers who were psyched to play their shiny new disk wouldn’t know that.

Recycle Your 3D Glasses!

By Rachel Cericola · April 28, 2010 • That bin for collecting 3D glasses is there in the movie theater for a reason.

Vudu/Walmart Gets Streaming HD Exclusive on Avatar

By Julie Jacobson · April 22, 2010 • For the first time, Vudu offers "special features" that are usually reserved only for hard discs, as well as exclusive content that the other services won't get

No ‘Avatar’ 3D Blu-ray in 2010

By Stephen Hopkins · March 17, 2010 • Bare-bones, movie-only release on DVD and Blu-ray hits stores April 22.

What Does “Avatar” Oscar Loss Mean for 3D?

By Jason Knott · March 9, 2010 • Is Hollywood indicating it sees 3D as just a passing fad?

Cameron: ‘Avatar’ on Blu-ray 3D in November

By Stephen Hopkins · February 19, 2010 • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment denies Cameron's statement.

‘Avatar’ Pushes 3D Awareness to 60%

By Tom LeBlanc · January 14, 2010 • Blockbuster movie and news from CES has created a legitimate market for 3D home theater. But consumers aren't wild about the glasses.

Will ‘Avatar’ Spur 3D Home Theater?

By Jason Knott · December 22, 2009 • There are only a few 3D Blu-ray movies available, and those include a Miley Cyrus concert and a Jonas Brothers concert. Will "Avatar" be the 3D blockbuster consumers have been waiting for?