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Smart Homes for Special Needs

By Advertorial · December 15, 2015 • Home automation provides essential benefits to individuals facing physical and developmental challenges on a daily basis.

Technology Gives Voice to People with Disabilities

By Julie Jacobson · March 6, 2012 • A bar mitzvah boy with autism "speaks" during services; an ALS sufferer could have recorded his voice while he had the chance.

McIntosh Helps Create Soundtrack to Support Autism Awareness

By CE Pro Editors · April 5, 2011 • McIntosh provides audio equipment and artists for Wretches & Jabberers movie soundtrack, which will donate a portion of proceeds for autism research.

Automation Helps Child with Autism Wake Without Tantrums

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2011 • April is National Autism Awareness Month: Brody Buzzard is headed to preschool but he no longer wakes up grumpy, thanks to a Control4-enabled 'alarm clock' that wakes him up to cartoons.

Integrator Uses Automation to Help Autistic Son

By Julie Jacobson · August 19, 2010 • A Control4 automation system delivers visual cues that help create stability and reduce stress for the two-year-old son of integrator Mark Buzzard from Liberty Bell in Sacramento, Calif.