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Focal Puts ‘Custom Installer’ in New Line of CI-Fi In-Wall Speakers

By Robert Archer · February 22, 2018 • Designed for whole-house audio and home theater, the Focal CI-Fi range of architectural loudspeakers provide professional integrators with a choice of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Network Music Player Highlights Latest Cambridge Audio CX Components

By Robert Archer · January 5, 2015 • At the 2015 International CES, Cambridge Audio is introducing six new products to its CX series of solutions.

Cambridge Audio Launching 2014 Line at CES

By Robert Archer · January 2, 2014 • Cambridge Audio's 2014 product line offers dealers two new amps, a new preamp, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a set of bookshelf speakers and a pair of in-ceiling speakers. The new line will be on display at 2014 International CES inside Venetian Suites 29-329.

Cambridge Debuts Minx Xi All-in-One Media Streamer

By Robert Archer · October 2, 2013 • Cambridge Audio's Minx Xi Streaming Digital Music System is a desktop component that supports streaming audio, network audio and traditional audio sources. It includes audiophile-grade components such as Wolfson DACs, an over-sized Toroidal power supply and a Class A/B amplifier section.

Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD Universal Disc Player

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2011 • The British A/V company's latest source component can play everything from 3D Blu-ray discs to DVD-Audio and SACDs.

Cambridge Audio NP30 24-bit Network Music Player

By Robert Archer · January 13, 2011 • The U.K.-based company's latest audio product serves the growing digital audio market with the ability to integrate into a two-channel or home theater system to provide listeners with access to more than 20,000 Internet radio stations, streaming music and UPnP connectivity.

Focal Viva Utopia/Viva Center Utopia loudspeakers

By Robert Archer · December 2, 2010 • The French high-performance speaker manufacturer has expanded its line of Utopia products to accommodate the needs of home theater enthusiasts that want the highest levels of audio performance for their home theater system.

Micromega AS-400 integrated amplifier

By Robert Archer · December 1, 2010 • The company's latest amplification product builds upon the feature set of its IA-400 amp through the addition of Micromega's new AirStream module, which allows users to wirelessly listen to their iTunes music files.

Clearing my Plate

By Robert Archer · July 1, 2010 • The past several weeks at CE Pro and CE Pro.com have been busy and the next several weeks leading up to CEDIA look to be busy too. With that in mind I wanted to tackle a few things I've been working on.

Focal CMS 40 active monitor

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2010 • The latest active nearfield speaker from the French company Focal is designed for broadcast and home recording studios where cost and space are factors for users.

Montreal: Hotbed for High-End Custom Electronics

By Robert Archer · May 28, 2010 • Why this city to the North's youthful vibe (and CE manufacturing) drive its residents’ interest in A/V, music and hockey. Ask Totem, APS, D-Box and others.

Hands On: Focal Solo6 Be Active Monitors

By Robert Archer · May 20, 2010 • Speakers impress with neutrality and well-controlled lower frequencies.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD Universal Blu-ray disc player

By Robert Archer · February 25, 2010 • The British manufacturer's new all-purpose disc player is Energy Star certified and it uses the latest technologies to support is playback of Blu-ray discs, SACDs, HDCDs, DVD videos and DVD-Audio discs.