April Fools

British Investors Aim to Take Over Custom Market

By Robert Archer · April 1, 2014 • A pair of former entertainment professionals is set to launch an integration company and a line of products starting with a subwoofer code named “Big Bottom.”

SnapAV Tests Same-Day Delivery

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2014 • Dealers say service will “change distribution forever.”

SmartHawk Home Drone Hovers Overhead for Complete Surveillance

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2013 • CastleOS Software debuts SmartHawk home drone to monitor and protect property; integrates with complete home automation system.

CE Pro to Name 50 Old Farts of CE

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2013 • ‘I can’t remember the last time we got a little respect around here,’ says CEDIA board member and Old Fart Bill Skaer.