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Displ’Ever at CES 2016: Ultra-Flat, Self-powered Home Automation Controller with E-Paper Display

By Julie Jacobson · January 12, 2016 • Featuring Bluetooth Smart, Enocean, Thread and AllJoyn home automation technologies, wireless Displ’Ever controller features low-power, low-cost digital e-paper display powered by ambient light. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Thread IoT Spec is Done; Qualcomm Joins Board; An AllSeen Alliance?

By Julie Jacobson · July 14, 2015 • Thread Group releases networking spec for Internet of Things (IoT); Qualcomm joins board, possibly signaling alliance between Thread and AllSeen for home automation interoperability.

AT&T Digital Life Announces Plans To Integrate with Lutron, Samsung, Qualcomm, LG

By CE Pro Editors · January 5, 2015 • New Products and Services Give Customers More Flexibility and Convenience to Manage their Homes.

CES 2014: How Many Smart Home Platforms Does LG Need?

By Julie Jacobson · January 1, 2014 • On WebOS, Qualcomm's AllJoyn and AllSeen Alliance, HomeChat and a hazy 'Internet of Things' smart home consortium with Cisco, ABB and Bosch: What is LG thinking? We shall see at CES 2014.