Aging In Place

Home Health Technology Scores Big Win in Reimbursement

By Julie Jacobson · November 5, 2018 • Medicare and Medicaid loosened restrictions on reimbursement for remote patient monitoring, paving the way for more insurance providers to cover home-health technology.

Tech Opportunities in Senior Living: Tech Spaces, Man Caves, Game Rooms

By Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2018 • ‘Environments for Aging’ highlights several trends in senior living that home-tech integrators could exploit, like entertainment spaces for visiting families and ‘man caves’ for game day.

Google Assistant Gets ‘Help’ Command for ‘Smart Senior Living’

By Julie Jacobson · February 13, 2018 • KNX home automation system with Google Assistant allows seniors and other residents to summon help by voice or automatically through IoT events; caregivers can respond remotely with realKNX system demonstrated at ISE 2018.

After Son’s Diabetes Diagnosis, IoT Exec Sees Big Role for Home Automation in Disease Management

By Michael Maniscalco · August 3, 2017 • Mike Maniscalco of Ihiji, which makes remote monitoring systems for smart homes, uses home automation to help manage son's Type 1 diabetes. He sees big implications for IoT in disease management and health monitoring.

Virtual Reality in Assisted Living: The Ultimate Bucket List Satisfier for Seniors

By Julie Jacobson · May 31, 2016 • Virtual reality startup Rendever Health wants to help seniors re-visit old neighborhoods and see new places using Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Integrator Teams with Mobility Store to Help Seniors Live Independently

By Julie Jacobson · January 16, 2013 • Livewire sells home automation and assistive technologies at Mobility Supercenter, alongside stair lifts and wheelchair ramps.

Home Automation Brings Dignity, Independence to Residents with ALS

By Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2011 • 'Smart home' technology provides improved quality of life to residents with MS and Lou Gehrig’s disease: controlling lights, thermostats and entertainment.

Where to Find Funding for Home Health Tech

By Julie Jacobson · March 4, 2011 • The VA offers funding to help disabled veterans live independently; other sources of public and private funding are available for home health technology.

Take Note of Healthcare Grants Like $187M in Minn.

By Julie Jacobson · February 23, 2011 • If you're interested in the seniors market, look out for new funding to facilitate aging in place.

Why Senior Citizens Need the Right Lighting

By Julie Jacobson · December 16, 2010 • Lighting specialists can help elderly individuals and those with Alzheimer's avoid wandering, reduce illusions, enhance mobility and generally improve quality of life.

CE Pro’s Top 5 Home Tech Opportunities for 2011

By Julie Jacobson · November 19, 2010 • Please share your insights on one-wire A/V, videoconferencing, digital content, aging in place, recurring revenue for remote home monitoring.

7 Home Technology Game Changers for CE Pros

By Julie Jacobson · November 9, 2010 • These Home Tech Game Changers can mean big biz for CE pros: 3D, streaming content, A/V over one wire, wireless HD, IP security, videoconferencing, aging in place