Acoustic Research

Integrator Seeks Good Home for Souped-Up AR3s: Free with Heart-Tugging Essay

By Julie Jacobson · August 10, 2016 • Minnesota integrator Dallas Dingle of Supercalibrations wants to give away a pair of Acoustic Research AR3 three-way speakers with upgraded parts to a loving home and a discriminating listener.

Outdoor Speakers at Tailgate Parties, Take 2

By Julie Jacobson · April 22, 2013 • MVP portable speakers from Acoustic Research should be sold with every BBQ pit, tailgate, beach umbrella and where ever pretty people congregate.

CEDIA Find: Acoustic Research Power-Protecting Media Streamer

By Julie Jacobson · August 6, 2012 • AR PW1000 Home Theater Power Station with SpeedPass packs a 5-port Ethernet switch, power conditioning, surge protection and lots of connections for audio/video/data.