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Led by Nest, ‘Thread’ for Home Automation is Most Promising IoT Standard Yet

By Julie Jacobson · July 15, 2014 • Thread Group, launched today by Nest, Big Ass Fans, Yale and major chip makers, presents mesh network for 6LoWPAN; millions of deployments in the field already via Nest Weave.

GreenWave Reality Shifts Biz from IoT Devices to Home Automation Services

By Julie Jacobson · May 8, 2014 • Now called GreenWave Systems, the company formerly known as GreenWave Reality is done with 6LoWPAN Internet of Things (IoT) bulbs and switches, focusing instead on software and cloud-based services for IoT deployment.

The GreenWave Reality IPv6 Connected Lighting Solution Employs 6LoWPAN

By CE Pro Editors · January 11, 2013 • Each IP-enabled light bulb includes a wireless antenna that allows for high-quality, reliable communication between the bulbs via a wireless network.