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Ayre Builds upon its Digital Product Line up

By Robert Archer · October 17, 2012 • A few years ago the Colo.-based electronics manufacturer Ayre established a benchmark in was what then an emerging product category when it introduced its QB-9 DAC. The company has just released a complementary product to the QB-9 called the QA-9 USB ADC and it says this product can be used for professional or consumer applications that include the conversion of vinyl to digital files.

Audiophile Label Chesky Records Revives Binaural Recordings

By Robert Archer · July 31, 2012 • Chesky Records has innovated in general music quality and high-resolution digital audio downloads. The company's latest innovation, Binaural+ music, is a new twist on an almost forgotten format that combines high-resolution digital audio with immersive binaural recording techniques.

Audiophiles & the Masses Deserve the Best Quality

By Robert Archer · April 11, 2012 • Whether or not someone can hear the differences between 16/44 files and 24/192 files, audio hobbyists and music lovers still have the right to purchase the highest-quality audio files.

NAD Masters Series M51 Direct Digital DAC

By Robert Archer · February 8, 2012 • NAD says the Masters Series M51 Direct Digital DAC is the first of a series of new digital audio components that the respected A/V manufacturer plans on releasing.

Straight Wire USB-LINK cable

By Robert Archer · October 24, 2011 • Straight Wire's new USB 2.0 cable uses the company's Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) with silver-plated conductors to accurately deliver digital data signals.

NAD C446 digital media tuner

By Robert Archer · August 10, 2011 • The company's latest source component aggregates music from a variety of devices that include network components, Apple devices and Android products.