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Hands On: SIM2 Focuses on Color Accuracy, Not Resolution, with AR Projector

By Alice Gustafson · April 4, 2016 • The new SIM2 projector is equipped with all the latest innovations available from DLP technology, including custom-built Fujinon large aperture glass lenses which were specifically designed for this unit to guarantee exceptional on-screen clarity.

Vanco Extenders Transmit HDMI & IR Over Ethernet Cable

By Robert Archer · April 25, 2014 • Vanco's latest product provides electronics with a simple way to send digital signals long distances without a loss of quality.

Wireless HD Transmitter from SunBrite is Waterproof

By Robert Archer · April 10, 2014 • SunBrite's SD-HDWT waterproof wireless HD transmitter offers a range up to 150 feet to wirelessly transmit 1080p video content to any SunBrite outdoor HDTV, as well as other HDMI enabled products.

SIM2’s M.150 LED Projector is Bright Enough for Well-Lit Rooms

By Robert Archer · May 29, 2013 • SIM2's M.150 LED projector produces 1,000 lumens of brightness and it offers a contrast ratio up to 100,000: 1 through the use of the company's DynamicBlack technology.

Key Digital’s KD-HD8x8XC Matrix Switcher Supports Simultaneous HDMI & Cat-5 Outputs

By Robert Archer · May 22, 2013 • The versatile KD-HD8x8XC matrix switcher from Key Digital supports IR and RS-232 control, as well as simultaneous HDMI & Cat-5e/Cat-6 outputs.

Turnkey Vidabox LiivNAS Dune Edition Delivers Instant Entertainment

By Robert Archer · May 16, 2013 • Vidabox says the LiivNAS: Dune Edition incorporates everything an electronics professional will need to create a simple and robust media playback and storage solution.

Bell’O's Digital 5000 Series HDMI Cable is Thin & Flexible

By Robert Archer · April 30, 2013 • Bell'O has designed its latest cabling product, the Digital 5000 Series with compact connectors to make the connection process easier when working in tight spaces.

Vanco Video Device Switches & Scales Multiple Sources

By Robert Archer · April 24, 2013 • The latest A/V product from Vanco is a video switcher that scales analog and digital signals and outputs these signals through two HDMI outputs.

New Roku 3 Includes Faster Processor & More Channels

By Robert Archer · March 18, 2013 • The new Roku 3 ships with more than 750 channels and it supports 1080p, dual-band wireless capabilities and media storage via a MicroSD card slot.

Crestron’s DVPHD Manages HD Content in Commercial Environments

By Robert Archer · March 7, 2013 • Crestron is now shipping its DVPHD multi-window video processor and annotator for commercial installations in settings that include houses of worship, boardrooms and auditoriums.

Vanco Extender Developed in Conjunction with Wyrestorm

By Robert Archer · February 22, 2013 • The newly announced Vanco Powered by Wyrestorm HDMI Over Category 5e Cable Extender delivers 1080p resolutions distances more than 130 feet over a single cable.

StarTech Wireless HD Extender Transmits Video up to 100 Feet

By Robert Archer · January 18, 2013 • StarTech's new Wireless HD Extender Kit wirelessly sends HD video and multichannel audio as far as 100 feet (30 meters).

Atlona LinkConnect Plenum HDMI Cables Available in Long Lengths

By Robert Archer · November 28, 2012 • Atlona has begun to ship its new LinkConnect Plenum HDMI cables which are available in a choice of long lengths to serve a variety of installation scenarios.

Atlona HDMI Switcher Distributes Digital Content to 4 Zones

By Robert Archer · November 6, 2012 • Atlona's new AT-H2H-44H HDMI switcher incorporates all the features necessary to reliably handle a variety of digital media that includes HD video and uncompressed audio.

ViewSonic’s Pro9000 Projector Combines LEDs & Lasers

By Robert Archer · October 25, 2012 • ViewSonic's engineering staff has developed a hybrid light engine that combines LEDs and lasers to form a single light source.

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