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CE Pro's 2018 State of the Industry Report

NEW RESEARCH: CE Pro's 2018 State of the Industry Report shows that smart-home integrators increased revenues 11.4% in 2017 and predicts even higher…

Presenting the CE Pro 100 of 2016

April 28, 2016 CE Pro’s annual list of the highest revenue custom installation companies reports a huge jump in the volume of installations with entry-level home automation and new construction leading the way.

System Integrator Essentials for Networked Cameras to Enhance Clarity in Surveillance

March 11, 2016 Security dealers and systems integrators need not be scared off by IP-addressable devices and systems as the basics of standard video surveillance remain relevant. Find out how to deliver these in-demand capabilities to your customers.

A Game-Changer for Man Caves & Game Rooms

February 22, 2016 How to add $8,000 to your installation project sales by revving up customers' rooms with realistic flying and racing simulators from Eleetus.

Who Are Your Target Customers?

February 02, 2016 CE Pro consumer survey reveals ideal (and very surprising) demographic information for those who want professional vs. DIY installation — home size, home value, income level, gender and age. The study also reveals the most-desired types of equipment.

65 Apps/Software to Boost Efficiency by up to 70%

January 25, 2016 Integrators share 9 pieces of advice for selecting software and 65 different software systems/single-purpose apps that they use in the office and the field to boost efficiency as much as 70%.

The Technology that Drives HDMI Connectivity

January 15, 2016 HDMI is the pipeline for today’s high-definition video and audio content, and this format has changed significantly over the years. Taking a closer look at the latest version of HDMI, CE Pro digs deep into HDMI technologies.

Transitioning from Etailer to Custom Installation Can Be Done

December 05, 2015 The Repeater Store in Laguna Hills, Calif., is proof positive that a solid subcontractor-based custom installation business can spawn from an online etailing business. Download this case study to learn more about cellphone signal boosters.

Ultimate Guide to High-Performance Audio

November 17, 2015 Read this exclusive integrator study on high-performance audio usage, margin and equipment types. In addition, home and commercial room acoustics tips, high-end loudspeakers, hot high-end audio components, and an overview of audiophile terms from Audio Engineering Society.

You’ve Got to Hide Your Tech Away

October 28, 2015 What can you do about the big-ticket items that need to be seen, like televisions, projectors and projection screens? Download this paper and read about some of the pros and cons of hiding technology, and some how-to’s for doing the hiding. In custom integration there are specs and there are special requests… how you deal with the latter can separate your firm from the pack.

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