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Tiny Soundbar Solution Solves Tricky Audio Project

Tiny Soundbar Solution Solves Tricky Audio Project

Professional Audio Video Engineering in Nashville works with James Loudspeaker to outfit a luxury penthouse with 20 small aperture speakers and a…

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CEDIA Expo Preview: Panamorph Explains How to Beat Amazon in Home Theater Game

Panamorph to conduct all-day training sessions at CEDIA Expo outlining how integrators can sell successfully 4K…

Unparalleled Hi-Res Performance, Tailored for Custom Install

Advertorial · April 26, 2017 Meridian brings easy to integrate high-resolution audio solutions to give customers the best possible listening experience.

D-Tools Now Offering Bundled Wire Packages in SI 2017 V2

Advertorial · April 26, 2017 Version 2 touches on wire pulls and how it can greatly simplify your drawings while making estimating more accurate.

The Luxul Epic Series: Much More Than a Router

Advertorial · April 24, 2017 The all-new Luxul Epic series offers integrators a platform for delivering a superior user experience and building recurring revenue.

No Better Way Than This to Become a Professional Installer

Advertorial · April 20, 2017 Webinar invitation: “Electrical and Installation Considerations for Installers”.

Holovision Supports Dealer, Sound Image’s Connect Home Initiatives

Advertorial · April 19, 2017 Holovision’s range of intercom, camera, keyless and biometric access products integrate into today’s popular control systems to provide integrators with a range of no-compromise connected security solutions.

4K, 8K, 16K – Are You Ready for the Resolution Evolution?

Advertorial · April 19, 2017 Stewart Filmscreen materials are ready when you are.

How To Create the Best Possible 4K System

Advertorial · April 18, 2017 Shouldn’t building a custom 4K system be as easy as hooking up a flat-panel TV?

Brand Awareness Boosts Dealer Opportunities

Advertorial · April 07, 2017 Bose supports dealers through its sales, marketing and technical training, and integrators that offer its products often find the public’s recognition of the brand brings other advantages that are completely unique to the diverse Massachusetts-based manufacturer.

Somfy Facilitates Efficient Home Energy Management in Today’s Evolving Electronics Landscape

Advertorial · April 05, 2017 Somfy, the leading manufacturer of motors for shading is helping to usher in a modern era of residential utility management that combines the benefits of natural sunlight and traditional lighting, heating and cooling systems.

Above and Beyond: Beyond Home Theater Uses D-Tools to Nail Every Design, Every Time

Advertorial · March 29, 2017 When it comes to creating happy clients every time, Beyond Home Theater, located in Santa Monica, California, knows what it’s doing.

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