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3 More Show-Stoppers from ISE 2019: ‘Quite Revolutionary’

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Velodyne WiConnect

August 17, 2011 The audio company's latest product transmits and receives signals wirelessly to enable installers to place subwoofers in a wider variety of locations.

Earthquake Sound THOR in-wall subwoofer

August 05, 2011 With a choice of amplification options, the company's new architectural subwoofer is engineered to be easy to install for electronics professionals and capable of deep low-frequency extension.

SnapAV Wirepath Surveillance security products

August 02, 2011 The popular custom-installation manufacturing company has entered a new product category with the debut of its new camera products.

Chief Interactive Short-Throw Projector Mount

April 22, 2011 The Minn.-based audio/video accessory manufacturer has started to ship its latest mounting product that it says is designed for commercial applications such as white board usage.

Arlington Cable Mounting Bracket

April 18, 2011 The Penn.-based company's CE1RP helps installers to neatly integrate a variety of low-voltage cabling runs into clients' homes.

LiteTouch System

June 25, 2010 The LiteTouch System is a central/home-run & conventional Cat5 whole-home system for new construction projects.

Earthquake Sound Couch Potato Subwoofer

April 05, 2010 The new Couch Potato (CP-8) Subwoofer from Earthquake Sound features a 150-watt built-in amplifier and 8-in long excursion subwoofer.

Paradigm SUB 1, SUB 2 Powered Subwoofers

January 07, 2010 The SUB 1 and SUB 2 use multiple drivers, high-power Class D amplification and proprietary DSP technologies that automatically correct low frequency problems.

Review: Russound C Series Multiroom Audio System

May 21, 2009 Russound's new 8-source/8-zone MCA-C5 controller with MDK-C5 keypads 'addresses many of the kvetches' of the CAV and CAM systems.

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