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KLH Revives Classic Model 9 Speaker

KLH Revives Classic Model 9 Speaker

Working with the veteran, Boston-based specialty electronics dealer Natural Sound, KLH has reintroduced one of the most famous speakers in the history…

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Elan Home Automation Controls Tesla Powerwall, Koi Pond, More in Stunning Showroom

Spectacular Portuguese home serves as Sparks Custom Electronics showroom, with automated Tesla power-storage system,…

Should Touchscreens Completely Replace Keypads?

September 18, 2008 When the basic necessities in a room are light, fan and music, do you really need a touchscreen for endless control?

The CE Pro Complaints Choir

February 14, 2008 In the tradition of Valituskuoro, Finnish for "complaints choir," CE Pro's Julie Jacobson wonders how the home-technology industry might sing about their woes.

High Definition Doesn’t Scare Porn Stars

February 22, 2007 Tidbits from the Adult Entertainment Expo, which took place next door to CES 2007.

Circuit City Firedog Employees Defy Cargo Pants Rule

December 22, 2006 An exclusive investigation into just what makes up cargo pants.

Guest Editorial: Are Consultants the Black Sheep of Custom World?

Steve Calhoun · September 01, 2006 Consulting and design services aren’t completely appreciated or understood the the custom home-technology sector, according to guest editor Steve Calhoun.

Silly Things Integrators Say

May 02, 2006 Failure is the only thing that undermines the fabric of the CE industry, and failure is what happens to a lot of companies that create every system from scratch and give every customer everything they ask for.

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