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Digital Power Company Amber Solutions Awarded Patents

Adding to its proprietary intellectual property, Amber Solutions, has announced it secured four new patents for core technology applications that deliver digitally powered and enhanced GFCI, AFCI and overcurrent inrush current protection in solid-state circuit breakers and other electrical products.  Of Amber’s portfolio of 10 secured patents, the four new patents, plus two prior patents, support […]

Robert Archer · August 30, 2021

Amber Infineon partnership

Infineon Technologies Partners with Amber Solutions

Infineon Technologies and Amber Solutions, have announced an alliance on a range of silicon opportunities anchored around Amber’s digital control of electricity with embedded intelligence. The collaboration includes two main tracks of effort starting this year. The first track will focus on upgrading the power management architecture in specific product categories, like smart circuit breakers, light […]

Robert Archer · July 06, 2021