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The DIY Trend is Starting to Get Scary and it’s Not All about Price

Integrators like to think that consumers spurn custom solutions because they’re cheapskates, but often they simply want the convenience of online shopping, the joy of everything-on-demand, and the ability to avoid pesky conversation.

Julie Jacobson · September 30, 2016

When Will Home Technology Installs be Uberized?

There’s Uber for drivers, KallDoc for physicians and Iggbo for phlebotomists. When will home automation and consumer electronics get their play in the on-demand economy?

Julie Jacobson · April 27, 2016

Reducing Customer Attrition: Does Modular Home-Technology Hardware Make Better Business Sense?

What if you could add a Z-Wave module to Amazon Echo? Or a night light to Sonos? Or a voice-control pod to TiVo? Would customers stay longer?

Julie Jacobson · April 05, 2016

Julie Jacobson on the Virtues of ‘Less-Custom’

If more integrators sold less-custom systems that could be replicated from dealer to dealer, could customer accounts be bought and sold like they can in the security industry?

Julie Jacobson · November 03, 2015

Bring Back the Smart Residential Gateway for Home Automation Success

Embedding home automation technologies into routers and settop boxes — and creating a rich back-end — could go a long way in helping service providers support their IoT customers.

Julie Jacobson · July 23, 2015

Silly Things Integrators Say

Failure is the only thing that undermines the fabric of the CE industry, and failure is what happens to a lot of companies that create every system from scratch and give every customer everything they ask for.

Julie Jacobson · May 02, 2006