All In Revolv

Smart Home Startup Aimed at Renters Signs Nest, Revolv Execs to Board

Former Nest and Revolv executives join IOTAS, a Portland smart home startup targeting the elusive rental market.

Chelsea Cafiero · February 10, 2017

The Marketing Challenges of Remote Controls and Home Automation

Lessons from Logitech Harmony, Savant Remote and others: Are they universal remote controls or home automation hubs?

Julie Jacobson · June 29, 2016

The Over-Dramatization and Lessons of the Google, Nest, Revolv IoT Thing

Nest finally bricks ill-fated Revolv home automation hub. World damns Tony Fadell, IoT, Google, Alphabet, the cloud, greed and the inability to control landscape lighting, but there are bigger lessons to be learned.

Julie Jacobson · April 15, 2016