CE Pro Names 2019 BEST Project Award Winners at CEDIA Expo, slide 11

Award: Best Whole-House/ Smart Home Project over $150K (Silver)

Integrator: The Premier Group

Comment from integrator: Based on our initial showroom tour with the client, it clearly resonated with them when we shared how great lighting can make a space. For example, we demonstrated the output and quality of LED light that we can get from 1″ and 2″ downlight fixtures, and how amazing they made the space look. Stone countertops, wood and tile flooring, and even wall finishes just take on a depth that was not seen before. We also shared how using proper “layers” of lighting (there should be no less than 5) would create the drama that they were looking for. And of course, there would need to be much coordination with the interior designer on the space and furniture plan, as well as all elevations for cabinetry (kitchen, bar, den, bathrooms, etc.). There were plenty of opportunities that would require accent lights, and a massive amount of decorative lighting. The challenges were many, and didn’t seem to end through the duration of the project. We were 100% responsible for not only the lighting plan and fixture specifications, but we were contracted alongside the builders regular electrician to handle ALL of the wiring, installation, automation/control, and integration of all lighting elements.

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CE Pro Names 2019 BEST Project Award Winners at CEDIA Expo