SRS-WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker

The SRS-WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker from Sony takes the immersive audio experience and brings it to a personalized level. Sony says that all users need to do is place the wireless SRS-WS1 on their shoulders in order to listen to music and AV conte

Nov 19, 2019

Products Energy/Power

TG-UPS and TG-PP uninterrupted power supply and power protection products

The security industry manufacturer Telguard has partnered with the AMETEK brand SurgeX to develop its new TG-UPS and TG-PP power supply and power protection products. The new Telguard TG uninterruptible power supply and power protection products can

Nov 18, 2019

KD-X222PO HDBaseT Extender Kit

The latest signal transmission solution from Key Digital is the KD-X2220PO HDBaseT Extender Kit. According to the N.Y.-based company, the KD-X222PO kit includes a transmitter and the receiver, and it extends video and audio signals up to 125 feet wit

Nov 15, 2019

C50 Architectural Loudspeaker

The Netherland-based audio company Gray Sound has introduced its C50 Architectural Loudspeaker. Gray Sound says that it developed its products to integrate into a home’s lighting designs to provide homeowners with an unobtrusive audio solution.

Nov 14, 2019

Echt Invisible Speaker

The Echt Invisible Speaker from Nakymatone measures 23 inches tall by 9 3/4-inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. According to the Nakymatone, the Echt Invisible Speaker is engineered to deliver 180 degrees x 180 degrees horizontal and vertical dispersion

Nov 13, 2019

Strong Carbon Series Mounts

The newly introduced SnapAV Strong Carbon Series Mounts are the latest line of mounts that are available exclusively from SnapAV. SnapAV says the latest Strong brand products incorporate a number of dealer-inspired features to help integrators instal

Nov 12, 2019