D-03X CD/Digital Media Player

The latest digital media player from Luxman is the company’s new D-03X CD/digital media player. Luxman says the D-03X CD/digital media player provides users with MQA decoding; support for the audiophile DSD format up to the quad-rate 11.28MHz,

Apr 24, 2020

EasyTouch Glass Modular Keypad

The Legrand Building Control Systems (BCS) division’s Vantage Control Systems brand has announced its new EasyTouch modular keypad station. Vantage points out the EasyTouch modular keypad station is now available, and it offers homeowners the f

Apr 23, 2020


pHin Smart Water Monitor

Hayward Industries has introduced what it calls the, “next generation” pHin smart water monitor. According to the company, the pHin smart water monitor, takes the guess work out of caring for a hot tub or pool to eliminate the problem of

Apr 22, 2020

Binary HDMI Cables

Binary, SnapAV’s media distribution brand has announced a new reengineered line of HDMI Cables. The new Binary HDMI cables are designed to reliably support video signals up to 4K at 60Hz with HDR, and the cables are said to provide, “unma

Apr 21, 2020

Panamax VT1512-IP BlueBOLT-Enabled Advanced Power Conditioner

Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC), a leading provider of power and electronic protection products, announces the Panamax VT1512-IP Advanced Power Conditioner, a BlueBOLT-enabled, ultra-slim form factor vertical rack power conditioner and power

Apr 20, 2020

Pavilion x360 14 Convertible PC

The latest Pavilion x360 computer from HP is the new Pavilion x360 14 convertible PC. HP‘s new Pavilion x360 14 PC can be used for work and entertainment through its larger SSD storage capabilities (up to 1TB), new design and options that inclu

Apr 20, 2020