V and VII Series Power Conditioning Products

Power conditioning products come in all shapes, sizes and price points. The newly announced Austere V and VII series power products offer users a choice of configurations, modern looks, and competitive price points.

Austere says that both series of power conditioning products provide a choice of either six or eight outlets.

The Portland, Ore.-based manufacturer say its power products incorporate safety and noise elimination technologies in chassis that utilize sleek designs.

At the heart of the products is Austere’s Pure Filtration technology. The company explains this technology delivers “advanced EMI/RF” filtering that insulates the power signal from external and static noise sources.

According to Austere, the need for proper filtering is essential in today’s home entertainment era of 4K TVs, HDR and immersive audio. The power conditioning products also include Austere’s Isolated Outlet Filtration that is said to eliminate the possibility of cross interference between plugged in components.

Austere also points out the Series V and Series VII products provide surge-protection ratings of 3,000 and 4,000 Joules respectively to absorb surges and spikes. Supporting the safety aspect of the products, Austere notes the products employ its Flameless MOV circuit and thermal-protected outlets.

In addition, the Series V and VII Power Conditioning products incorporate the company’s WovenArmor power cables that are designed to provide a combination of strength and flexibility through its use of Kevlar.

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